Mothers in Detroit create an app to help safely install car seats

Saleen, Michigan — Two mothers working at Toyota help their children travel more safely on the Detroit subway and teach parents how to use child seats properly.

“I knew I needed a car seat, but I didn’t know how to choose one,” says Jennifer Perky.

Brighton’s Pelky says it was a confusing process when he first tried to select a child seat. She is an engineer working at Toyota.

“The first birth began when I was pregnant with my first child. I went to the baby goods store in that big box to pick up a car seat, saw the huge wall of the car seat, and suddenly I realized I didn’t know what I was saying. I was doing it, “Pelky said.

She wasn’t alone. Lindsay Bavian also worked as an engineer at Toyota, but worked in a different department than Jennifer.

One day, Jennifer rented Lindsey’s car for research and found that Lindsey’s child seat wasn’t installed properly.

“I’m an engineer like her, and I didn’t have the toolkit to get it right,” says Babian.

From there, the two went to work, working from home during the pandemic, Toyota for families, Online and phone app tools.

“Before quarantine, we spend a lot of time in each other’s kitchen and living room, and the kids fall asleep on each other’s sofas,” Pelky said.

“All parents, especially mothers, find it difficult to work from home or do virtual learning with their children. It took a lot of effort to do it at the same time, It was a fun activity, “says Banian.

When using the tool, you will be asked to select the seat position, car seat type, and mounting method.

“You get custom menus, written instructions, verbal instructions, and video instructions to show you a custom video of how to install the seat,” says Babian.

The app’s pilot vehicle is for the 2021 Sienna, but there’s more useful information.

“We have links to other programs like Buckle Up for Life that show a great addition of just a tool to carry your child safely. We can check your car recalls. I have a link. There is a lot of general information like that. Anyone can use it, “says Babian.

“Looking at the car seat misuse rate, a really common mistake is that parents aren’t getting the car seat in close contact with the car seat, so one of the things I’ll explain in the video is to use the car seat. It’s a way to check, it’s tight enough to move less than an inch back and forth and left and right, “says Pelky.

The goal is to help as many parents as possible who may be as confused as they once were.

“We’ll deal with these mistakes and run the whole process from start to finish to make sure everything is done correctly,” says Pelky.

Toyotas for Families can be downloaded from the Toyota app on both Apple and Android devices. They are currently working on expanding the app to a variety of Toyota manufacturers and models.

Ali Hoxie of WXYZ first reported this story.

Mothers in Detroit create an app to help safely install car seats Source link Mothers in Detroit create an app to help safely install car seats

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