Morning Report: National City’s Drinking Water Turned Yellow Last Week. Here’s What We Know

Ramel Wallace, a National City resident, thought maybe he just forgot to flush the bathroom on Thursday night. Coming Friday, faucets in the sink, kitchen and shower all shed colored apple juice, he said.

While many in National City saw yellow water last week, it was never clear to Wallace what caused the problem – or whether his water was now safe to drink.

MacKenzie Elmer Voice of San Diego contacted Sweetwater Authority, which manages the city’s national drinking water. There was no impact on water quality or safety, the agency said. And finally they figured out what had happened.

Click here to read more about the issue and the agency’s response.

New City Eviction Moratorium Awaits Gloria’s signature

A City Council moratorium has been approved to prevent landlords from evicting current tenant-led tenants from Mayor Todd Gloria’s office.

The city council took a second major vote Tuesday to approve the so-called eviction moratorium without fault City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera has pushed to try to protect tenants as the region struggles with growth. cost of living crisis. The measure was approved in a 6-1 vote. City Councilman Chris Cate voted no, and City Councilors Raul Campillo and Joe LaCava resigned because they owned rental property or owned family members.

According to the city’s constitution, there moratorium must enter into force 30 days after Gloria signs it. The mayor will have 10 days to review the ordinance after receiving it from the city clerk.

Once the ordinance was enacted, the ordinance would prevent city owners from forcing tenants to withdraw their properties from the market or make significant improvements to government agencies not ordered or that tenants had agreed to. It will remain in effect until September 30 or 60 days after the end of the local state of emergency, whichever comes first.

Elo-Rivera said the new moratorium is an attempt to close a loophole that could create thousands of dollars in unexpected spending for families and potentially increase homelessness without city action. The separate moratorium and statewide eviction moratorium extended last month that applies only to tenants who did not pay rent due to COVID-related challenges and who applied for rental assistance before March 31st.

  • The city council also voted 8-1 on Tuesday for approved sales of $ 35.1 million on the Tailgate Park property with a redevelopment plan that includes a public park, hundreds of housing units plus retail and office space. LaCava added a last-minute amendment requiring the city to include its share of the sales amount in it Fon Bridge to Home to support the development of cheaper housing.

In other news

Lisa Halverstadt, MacKenzie Elmer and Megan Wood wrote the Report this morning.

Morning Report: National City’s Drinking Water Turned Yellow Last Week. Here’s What We Know Source link Morning Report: National City’s Drinking Water Turned Yellow Last Week. Here’s What We Know

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