More controversial social media posts involving Fresno Unified students found

FRESNO, California (KFSN) – Community leaders, students, and district leaders continue to speak openly about more destructive social media posts about Fresno Unified students.

Over the weekend, several social media pages appeared containing racist images, words and photos of black Fresno Unified students that were posted without their consent.

This comes after a photo that went viral on social media last week showed a student in the Bullard weight room wearing something on his head that looked like the hoods worn by members of a white supremacist group.

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On Monday, Fresno Unified Trustee Keshia Thomas, along with students, school and community leaders, hosted a press conference on what she calls “racial bullying.”

Trustee Thomas calls for a special commission of inquiry to study the area and its response to racism against students.
Members of the Black Student Union of Bullard also expressed frustration with their interactions at school.

“We will continue to do this until we have some changes,” Thomas said. “We will continue to do this until we get our supply, until we bring our students to a situation where they can freely discuss their real key issues.”

Last Friday, Superintendent Nelson pledged to take disciplinary action against those involved in the photo from the Bullard Heavyweight Hall, along with cultural sensitivity training.

FUSD Administrator Terry Slatic represents Bullard High. He says that so far, the district investigation reveals that about 25 people were in the weight room at the time the photo was taken.

Their phones were tested and participation was limited to three students. Slatic says these students took other photos in the weight room that were not inappropriate before taking the controversial photo.

“The person lifts it to the position you see in this now infamous photo and another person takes this photo. Was he posing? Was it intentional? Was there some white supremacy there? I’m waiting to see what it looks like,” he said.

Slatik says any discipline will be determined once the investigation is completed.

“Where some may have intended to share an unexpected joke, the impact was particularly painful for black students at Bullard,” said Eoana Henderson of the Bullard High Black Student Union. “But also in other high schools of Fresno Unified.”

On Sunday night, Bullard High’s parents received a phone call with a message from Director Armen Torigian describing the image as disturbing. He invites parents to check in for the children and offers help on campus.

“We have resources available at the school, so do not hesitate to call us,” the message said in part.

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More controversial social media posts involving Fresno Unified students found Source link More controversial social media posts involving Fresno Unified students found

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