More Black-Friday shoppers are expected to shop in person this year

The National Retail Federation estimates that about 2 million more people shop on Thanksgiving weekends through Cyber ​​Monday than last year. Two such shoppers were at Best Buy on Thanks for the Memories night. Bakersfield residents Geogrecio and Jackson Dwight are unfamiliar with Black Friday games, but they followed the playbook of arriving early. They were devoted to getting there as early as 6 pm on Thursday.

“That’s why I’m the first, that’s why I’m here!” Dwight said, waiting almost 12 hours for Best Buy to open on Black Friday.

Dwight joins the influx of shoppers on the weekend after Thanksgiving, setting a record for the National Retail Federation project.

The National Retail Federation, Senior Director of Industry and Consumer Insights at Catherine Karen, said:

According to an NRF survey, 108 million people want to win deals on Black Friday, 64% plan to shop directly, up from 51% in 2020. For Gresio, it’s not a matter of taste, it’s a need.

“Usually, graphics cards can’t be found online or are very difficult to get,” Grecio said. “It’s more likely to be available in stores.”

According to the marketing director at the outlet of TEJON BECCA BLAND-if you can even hook the product on the web-

“We are still struggling to ship things and get all those products to the store,” the brand said. “That is, if you’re going to Black Friday this year, say this is the year to do it, because you don’t know how long it will take for the product to arrive. If you order online.”

According to the brand, as long as you camp in Grecio and Dwight as early as possible, it depends on the store.

“I say [get there] About 30 minutes early Example: Daejeon outlet opens at 6am, so you want to arrive around 5:30. It’s a good marker for getting some good parking. “If you get to a big box store, yeah, you might want to get there a few hours early.”

The brand also has the following tips for shoppers:

Large stores, such as Old Navy and Pottery Burn Outlets, usually offer up to 75% off, while boutique stores offer up to 30-50% off. Therefore, she recommends starting with a big store with the best deals first.

Brands added that retailers often have sales information on their websites and social media pages. They may give you additional transactions when you sign up for their email list.

More Black-Friday shoppers are expected to shop in person this year Source link More Black-Friday shoppers are expected to shop in person this year

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