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A new poll has identified an unprecedented number of US adults as LGBTQ, showing that young people, especially Gen Z, are driving growth.

Gallup reported a surge from 4.5% to 5.6% of Americans identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer since the last poll in 2017.

The findings prove that LGBTQ identification has steadily increased since the analytics company began tracking in 2012, and is about 18 million, based on the latest population of the US Census Bureau. Consists of people Americans.

But LGBTQ advocates are not surprised.

Alfonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told CNN that the data confirms long-standing suspicions of supporters. There are more LGBTQ people in the United States than the statistics reflect.

“There are always LGBTQ people in this country,” he said. “The question is whether they can be identified as LGBTQ (meaning the label itself), and publicly.”

Are people new LGBTQ or is it safer to say so?

The increasing number raises the question of whether more discrimination reflects more LGBTQ people or simply more people who are willing to self-identify.

David cited the equality law as the driving force for the increase and said he was devoted to the latter.

“Decades ago, LGBTQ identities and behavior were illegal in some states,” he said. “As we remove traces of prejudice and discrimination from our law, we see more LGBTQ people out of the shadows.”

Gen Z (young adults aged 18-23) is leading the transition from the “shadow”, accounting for 15.9% of LGBTQ American adults in polls.

According to David, there were no young people in the years when LGBTQ was a crime. And they can see identity issues in another, less fearful way.

“They don’t see sexuality and gender identity through the lens of fear and stigma,” he said. “Many of them see gender identity and sexual orientation as factors that determine who they are.”

The majority of LGBTQ Americans identify as bisexual

As fear and stigma unravel, so do the myths surrounding a particular identity.

According to a Gallup report, the majority of Americans (54.6%) who identify LGBTQ are bisexual.

David said this was due to both a significant increase in bisexual visibility and the social establishment of bisexuality as an effective sexual orientation.

“There is more educational material that uncovers the myth that being bisexual is like being asexual,” he said. “It’s a myth … in reality, bisexuality is an orientation.”

Following the majority identified as bisexual, polls identified nearly a quarter (24.5%) of LGBTQ adults as gay, followed by 11.7% lesbians and 11.3% transgender. Is shown.

But will laws be enacted to meet them?

An unprecedented number of LGBTQ Americans face the reality that half of the states in the United States lack basic protection, such as employment and housing indiscriminate policies.

In the first month of 2021, lawmakers from at least 14 states have proposed anti-LGBTQ bills.

Americans increasingly support LGBTQ rights such as same-sex marriage, but lack comprehensive federal protection against discrimination.

Mr David said passing the Equality Act, a bill that protects LGBTQ people from discrimination in commercial and public life, is an important step towards effective protection.

Last year, the Equality Act was passed by the US House of Representatives, but was not taken up by the Senate. It was reintroduced at House last week.

Looking to the future, David said he hopes more LGBTQ people will continue to publicly identify in ways they didn’t want before.

More Americans Recognize as LGBTQ than More – Pasadena Star News

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