Monkeypox symptoms in patients attending London clinics differ from previous outbreaks

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Preliminary studies on the prevalence of meningitis in the UK are currently reporting significant differences in patient symptoms for those seen in previous outbreaks in other parts of the world. The study, published in Lancet Diseasesexamined 54 patients who attended sexual health clinics in London, UK and were diagnosed with measles within 12 days in May 2022.

The results of the study showed that patients in this group were more susceptible to skin diseases of the genitals and anus and less fatigue and fever than the outbreak of measles previously studied. Based on the findings of this study, the authors suggest a definitive definition of the “probable cause” of meningitis should be reviewed to help diagnose the disease.

The authors also predict that the incidence of genital herpes in patients and the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections means that sex clinics may see more monkey infection here. front. They are calling for more resources to support projects in managing this environment.

“Currently, the UK and many other countries are seeing an increase in meningitis among the people attending the conference. sexual hospitals, without any connection to the countries where the disease is spread. Monkeypox is a new study in the field of sexual health and our study, which is the first published on issues from this UK outbreak, will support the discovery of the case in the future and hospital careDr. Nicolo Girometti, from Chelsea Hospital & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

The researchers collected data from meningitis patients at four sexual health centers in London, UK. The cases were confirmed as laboratory-confirmed individuals using the RT-PCR test. The researchers recorded data on the patient’s travel history, sexual history, and clinical signs. People with meningitis are advised on the basis of isolation and are routinely assessed by telephone screening.

The 54 patients observed in this study represented 60% of the cases reported in the UK during the 12-day study in May 2022. All but two of the patients in the group were unaware that they had interacted. by a well-known law and none. Trips to sub-Saharan Africa have been reported, but many have visited other European countries recently. All patients were found to be men who had sex with men and there was an average age of 41. 90% of patients who answered questions on sexual activity (47/52) reported at least a new sexual partner in the three weeks prior to symptoms, and almost all (49/52) reported an incontinence of condom use during the same period. More than half of patients (29/52) had more than five sexual partners in the 12 weeks before meningitis was diagnosed.

Patients were all symptomatic and were presented with skin lesions; 94% (49/52) of patients had at least one skin lesion on the genitals or perianal skin. Most patients were unwell and recovered while isolated at home, but five people needed admission to hospital due to pain or skin lesions. They all improved and were discharged with an average of seven days of hospitalization.

“The most common symptom of skin cancer in the anus and penis, and the fact that one-fourth of patients tested for gonorrhea or chlamydia at the same time as monkey pox, showed that the infection the monkey in this group is. occurring from close proximity to the skin, for example in a sexual context, “said Dr Ruth Byrne, of the Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust Hospital. that we are sexual health providers and therefore will not show dispersal in the population. “

Dr Byrne added that “it is possible that at different stages of monkey pox infection may be similar to common STIs, such as herpes and syphilis, in the introduction. Infection may prevent access to “It is important to prevent further transmission. More resources are urgently needed to support the service to manage this situation.”

The study also noted significant differences in clinical features of this group compared to previous cases reported from the first outbreak in other countries. A small percentage of patients in this group reported trauma, fatigue and / or fever more than previous studies. In addition, 18% (10/54) of patients in this group did not report any initial symptoms before the onset of the disease. skin lesions.

Dr Girometti said: “If the course of the infection is suggested by contact during sexual intercourse and the number of clinical examinations differs from previous comparisons, we suggest that the current case and provides detailed information on symptoms such as severe illness with fever should be reviewed to best fit the current study, as at least one-sixth of this group will not meet the definition ‘ possible case ‘of the present. “

The authors agree to some limitations with this study, first of all note, the conversion mode. In addition, the data are subject to voluntary selection as the current guide and health enhancements accelerate meningitis experiments in marked individuals who defined themselves as MSM. The authors warn that their investigation may not represent a complete outbreak. They warned that it was important to be on the alert about the possibility of transmission to other groups while the health improvements intended for the groups currently affected by the disease were still being coordinated.

Monkey pox outbreaks are on the rise across the UK

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Statistical and clinical characteristics confirm the incidence of meningitis in individuals attending a sexual orientation center in London, UK: a retrospective study, Lancet Diseases (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / S1473-3099 (22) 00411-X

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