Mobile phone’s ‘golden era’ preserved in new museum

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Benwood worked in Vodafone’s long-forgotten premium-rate telephone line division in the mid-1990s, when the mobile phone market suddenly took off.

Over a decade, mobile phones have evolved from car battery-sized technology to the mainstream “candy bar” style model.

Wood saved each development and recovered the old cell phone from Vodafone Skip. Almost thirty years later, he accumulated a collection of 3,255 models covering the “golden age” of mobile phones. “It’s a little more than what I have at home and hidden from my wife,” he admitted.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000x © Theodore Liasi / Alamy, a symbol of Gordon Gekko’s “greed is good” era

He is now working with other collectors to launch the world’s first important mobile phone museum, funded through a five-year sponsorship deal with Vodafone this week.

Launched in November as a vast online archive, the museum tells the story of the world’s most prolific consumer device, with 1.5 billion smartphones sold last year alone.

The mobile phone museum, which is organized as a charity, will be a traveling exhibition that will be exhibited at science and design museums and schools in the coming years.

Introducing popular mobile phones before the iPhone era. Phones such as the Nokia 3310 “Beetle” that shipped a staggering 126m device and brought the game Snake to the world. According to Wood, the fashionable pink Motorola Razr (the best-selling phone in the history of Carphone Warehouse) and the full-keyboard BlackBerry model offer a nostalgic hit in an era of personal communication. To do.

Among the phones on display are the Nokia 3310 (left), which shipped a 126m device, and Motorola’s fashionable Razr, Xelibri-4.

The museum is big in culture, with Gordon Gekko’s iconic Wall Street Motorola DynaTAC 8000x and the Nokia 8110 “Banana” phone, which won cult currency for use in the movie The Matrix. Some mobile phones have influenced it. matrix. There are also evolutionary dead ends such as the collection of the ugliest forgotten phones, including the Nokia 3650 with a rotary phone-style circular keyboard that makes texting impossible, and the Siemens Xelibri fashion series. Some of them are based on alien-inspired ones. design.

Wood, 48, spent a blockade scrutinizing eBay to find a rare model after people were “fearful” at the idea of ​​cleaning up the attic and throwing old cell phones into the trash.

Keanu Reeves of The Matrix
Matrix Keanu Reeves gave Nokia 8110 “Banana” Phone Cult Status © Alamy

He is now a communications analyst at research firm CCS Insight, saying that the glorious era of the innovative mobile industry is a thing of the past, and that the “sea of ​​identity” (touchscreen rectangle) characterizes the industry. I did. “As soon as Steve Jobs pulled the iPhone out of his on-stage pocket on January 9, 2007, it was all over,” he said.

Nonetheless, he argued that museum relics show “no complacency” for companies such as Apple and Samsung in markets where innovations such as foldable screens are beginning to emerge. ..

Mobile phone’s ‘golden era’ preserved in new museum Source link Mobile phone’s ‘golden era’ preserved in new museum

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