Mobile meal bus provides summer lunches for SMCISD students

Students at San Marcos Consolidated ISD can enjoy a free, balanced lunch at three different locations in the city.

SMCISD’s Child Nutrition program delivers student meals in San Marcos on a large purple bus with tables inside. The bus stops at Eddie Durham Park, 205 Martin Luther King Dr., from 11 a.m. to 11:20 p.m. Dunbar Park, 801 MLK Dr., 11: 25-11: 50 p.m. and San Marcos Public Library, 625 E. Hopkins St., between noon and 1 p.m.

“It simply came to our notice then [the purple bus] “just before COVID, and we could not use it because then COVID closed things,” said SMCISD production compliance supervisor Maribel Rivas. “We used it last year, but they managed to grab it and leave because of COVID. They could not mingle. But this year everything [COVID] the exceptions are lifted. So now they can sit on the bus, the bus has tables, so they can sit in the bus now. “It’s different now.”

Above, children and their families sit and eat on the San Marcos CISD purple bus, which transports meals to children through the school’s summer meal plan. Daily Record Photo by Nick Castillo

The SMCISD Summer Nutrition Program provides meals to students aged 18 and under who are enrolled in the school district. Rivas said that the summer diet has a different menu every day.

“We have a hot menu and then we have a peanut butter and jelly [sandwich]”, Said Rivas. “Well, there are fruits, vegetables and milk. [The kids] look at the big purple bus, so that’s a plus, the kids are excited. “

Rivas added that the diet plan chose the current locations because of the programs running in those areas.

“We started making the library eight years ago, because they have a lot of summer activities for the kids,” Rivas said. “Then we think we can bring meals to the children, because many parents can not come, so it is easier. “We go to neighborhoods that have programs so they can eat there.”

Rivas said about 40-60 students and adults have been taking a meal each day since the summer meals began on June 6th. Meals provided by the purple bus remain popular despite the end of the federal exemption that allowed students and parents to pick up meals and go.

“You saw this line, they are always waiting for the big purple bus,” Rivas said. “Everything has to be consumed on the spot, this is the main thing because a lot of people are used to grabbing and going. “Apart from that, they like to sit on the bus.”

Summer meals continue until August 5. Meals can also be eaten at the following locations: Bonham Pre-K, Goodnight Middle School, Mendez Elementary School, San Marcos High School, CM Allen, Allenwood, Redwood, Miller Middle School, Cuauhtemoc Hall and Wonder School. For more information on meal times visit: https://www.smcisd.net/Page/3197.

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Mobile meal bus provides summer lunches for SMCISD students Source link Mobile meal bus provides summer lunches for SMCISD students

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