Mobar & Co. is serving coffee and the community

Los Angeles – Mobar & Co.Community artisan market In October 2020, we opened our doors to the Los Angeles area of ​​El Sereno, focusing not only on quality coffee, but also on the community.

They are proud of their delicious single-origin coffee as well as the in-store community market.

“We have a small retail section with small businesses that are different from the areas that were started or affected by the pandemic,” says owner and founder Luis Moreno.

The retail sector includes local small business T-shirts, candles, books and more. Wendy & Cindy Alvarado is the owner of Pasadena Roots, a small pop-up plant business that uses the Mobars space to display plants.

“It was a great benefit and a blessing for us to be able to work with people in the community with physical stores,” says Alvarado.

Mobar & Co. Love for the community El Sereno Night MarketStarted by Moreno as a way to unite and introduce local SMEs.

In addition to the community retail sector,’Mobar & Co. Takes pride in its selection of coffee drinks and El Salvador’s single-origin coffee.

“It’s delicious, it’s our main spot we go to in town,” says Grant Jordan, a resident of El Sereno. “It’s really important to where you live, your neighborhood, and your community. Most of the reasons we like El Sereno are these little spots,” says Jordan.

Mobar & Co
4884 Dr. Huntington S
Los Angeles, CA 90032


Mobar & Co. is serving coffee and the community Source link Mobar & Co. is serving coffee and the community

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