MLB LOCKOUT 2022: Major League Baseball cancels opening day, sides fail to reach lockout deal

JUPITER, Florida – Major League Baseball canceled its opening day, with Commissioner Rob Manfred announcing on Tuesday that the sport would lose regular season due to a labor dispute for the first time in 27 years following the collapse of painful talks over padlock a few hours before the expiration of the administration deadline.

Manfred said he was canceling the first two series of the season, which was due to start on March 31, reducing the schedule from 162 games to possibly 156 games at most. Manfred said the league and the league have no plans for future negotiations. Players will not be paid for lost games.

“My deepest hope is to reach an agreement quickly,” Manfred said. “I’m really disappointed that we did not make a deal.”

After the sides made progress during 13 trading sessions in 16 1/2 hours on Monday, the league sends the players’ union a “better and last offer” on Tuesday the ninth consecutive day of trading.

The players rejected this offer, laying the groundwork for MLB to follow its threat to cancel the opening day.

“It’s not a very productive day today,” Manfred said.

At 5:10 p.m., Manfred issued a statement that many fans feared: There is nothing to look forward to on opening day, usually a spring renewal pattern for fans across the country and some in Canada as well.

The ninth stop in baseball history will be the fourth to cancel regular-season games, leaving Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium as quiet next month as the Joker Marchant Stadium and Camelback Park for the third straight spring training session. .

“The concerns of our fans are at the top of our list,” Manfred said.

The padlock, on its 90th day, will sink a sport rocked by the coronavirus pandemic and hit by numerous problems on the pitch in a self-inflicted pause due to the inability of players and owners to share a $ 10 billion industry. Losing regular-season games, control will fall even more sharply on Manfred, the commissioner since January 2015, and Tony Clark, the former first major All-Star player to become union leader when Michael Weiner died. November 2013.

Previous vacations have been based on issues such as salary cap, free agent compensation and pensions. This is more or less just for money.

This struggle has been going on for years, with players outraged that pay cuts fell by 4% from 2015 to last year, many teams fired a number of high-priced veteran craftsmen for the sake of lower-priced youth, and some clubs left the competition in the short term to be better positioned for the coming years.

The sport will be upgraded with its second shortened season in three years. The 2020 schedule was reduced from 162 games to 60 due to the pandemic, a decision that players have complained about and are still in litigation. The disruption will raise another issue if 15 days of the season are eliminated: stars such as Shohei Ohtani, Pete Alonso, Jake Cronenworth and Jonathan India will be one year behind the free service.

Players would lose $ 20.5 million in salary for each day of the canceled season, according to a study by the Associated Press, and all 30 teams would lose large amounts that are more difficult to determine. The members of the executive subcommittee of the club will lose the most, with Max Scherzer losing $ 232,975 for each lost day of the regular season and Gerrit Cole $ 193,548.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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MLB LOCKOUT 2022: Major League Baseball cancels opening day, sides fail to reach lockout deal Source link MLB LOCKOUT 2022: Major League Baseball cancels opening day, sides fail to reach lockout deal

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