Missing Jamie Cannon: NI dog team return to aid ICI search

Jamie Cannon’s search continues when search and rescue specialists from Northern Ireland return for the second time, just days after the first search.

K9 Search and Rescue NI is well-versed in helping the Coast Guard rescue vulnerable and missing people, using highly trained “victim recovery” dogs on Sundays and Mondays. Continue looking for clues to the missing Saltcoats teen at Stevenston’s ICI plant.

Over the past six days, a team of experts consisting of five search and rescue dogs and their eight handlers has helped find the missing 19-year-old dog.

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And their photos show how dangerous the former ICI plant area is to those who enter it. Ruined buildings and dangerous relics are scattered throughout the area. In other words, only dogs can go to places that humans cannot go.

Ryan Gray, who coordinated the search mission, was funded by a kind donation from the Three Towns community and beyond, saying: [September 16]..

“I spent two days at home before returning to Scotland to find Jamie.

“We worked with a colleague at K9 Search & Recovery Scotland to search a large area, including technical and complex areas, but it didn’t help.

“At this point, Jamie remains missing.

“K9 Search and Recovery Scotland will continue to search in this area.

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“K9 Search and Rescue NI will continue to collect information with a view to returning to the area in the near future.

“Thanks to everyone who has donated, including the individual who paid all our B & B costs.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do that without you.”

They also thanked Helz Kitchen and Domino’s Pizza-Stevenston for their continued feeding and watering.

Redris Stevenson at Marston’s Inn will stay overnight for free, and the North Down Community Network will make a large donation.

Jamie was last seen on Kinner Road around 10am on Thursday, May 20th. He was reported missing on Saturday, May 22nd.

The 19-year-old man is 6 feet 1 inch tall and is said to have worn gray jogging pants, a gray sweatshirt, and a blue jacket the last time he saw it. He also had a camouflage backpack.

Missing Jamie Cannon: NI dog team return to aid ICI search Source link Missing Jamie Cannon: NI dog team return to aid ICI search

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