Missing Auburn, Georgia student Kyle Clinkscales’ car, human remains found in creek after more than 45 years

Authorities looking for a University of Georgia student who has been missing for more than 45 years took a big break with his wallet, ID card, and suspicious human body after his car was found in Alabama Creek. rice field.

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Auburn University student Kyle Clinkscales left his hometown of Lagrange, Georgia on the night of January 27, 1976, and last when he drove back to campus at Ford Pinto in 1974. Was seen in, said Troup County Security Officer, Georgia. James Woodruff at a news conference on Wednesday the day after the discovery.

The 22-year-old never arrived at Alabama’s school, and neither he nor the car was seen again. Probably until now.

“For 45 years we’ve been looking for Kyle and his car. We’ve tracked hundreds of leads, but never made any substantial progress from those leads.” Said Woodruff.

He said they drained the lake and did a lot of searches hoping to find Clinkscales.

Lagrange is north of Columbus in western Georgia, about 32 km from the Alabama border.

On Tuesday, someone called 911 and reported that he saw what looked like a car in a stream off County Highway 83, about a mile away from County Highway 388, Terry Wood, Sheriff’s Office, Chambers County, Alabama. The Major said.

When authorities arrived, they saw a partially submerged vehicle. Wood said it was visible from a two-lane road running through a stream.

Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart said the car was found about three miles away from the route to a regular school on the Crinkscale. Lockhart said it was unclear if the area was searched when the Clink Scale first went missing.

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The car’s hatchback was open, but Lockhart said he didn’t know if it had opened underwater for years or if the stream had dropped.

After removing the vehicle from the water, local law enforcement agencies determined it was a white focus with a Troup County number plate.

Local officials then contacted the Troup County Sheriff’s Office to look up the tag number in the system and determine that it was a Clinkscale car, Woodruff said.

Woodruff said the top of the car was “completely” rusted, but authorities found a wallet, credit card, Clinkscales ID, and some bones.

“We believe they are human in nature. We called the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They are now disassembling the car at our facility and if possible, there I’m looking at what’s in it to determine the number of bones, if they really are his bones, “Woodruff said.

Woodruff said he hopes to be able to identify the cause of death.

“Hopefully I found him and just the fact that the car gave me a big sigh of relief,” Woodruff said, saying Clinkscale’s mother died earlier this year and wanted her son to return. Added.

Clinkscale’s father died in 2007, Woodruff said. Clinkscales was an only child.

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Missing Auburn, Georgia student Kyle Clinkscales’ car, human remains found in creek after more than 45 years Source link Missing Auburn, Georgia student Kyle Clinkscales’ car, human remains found in creek after more than 45 years

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