Miller Middle School Jazz Band receives first-place award at Texas A&M-Kingsville Jazz Festival

The Miller Middle School Jazz Band has returned home with a trophy for first place at the 54th annual Texas A & M-Kingsville Jazz Festival.

The Miller Middle School jazz band performed songs such as “You’re Still a Young Man” from the Tower of Power and “25 or 6 to 4” from Chicago on Saturday, which earned him the No. 1 spot in the competition. Gymnasiums.

“They started the awards ceremony and they announce to everyone in turn who took what position and they arrive at the high schools and they have not yet said our name,” Ramirez said. “They just announced second place, so the kids say, ‘Oh my God, does that mean we got first place?’ Pretty sure, [Dr. Paul Hageman] he said, “And first place, Miller Middle School.” And, you know, the kids went crazy. We had our trophy ahead [Miller Middle School] the other day for everyone to see and we have picked it up in front of the band’s room now “.

Ramirez said that he and fellow band director Daniel Maldonado started the high school jazz band during the 2020-21 school year. This year’s program includes 19 students: Isabelle Hiracheta – Piccolo; Kalen Shanks – Alto Saxophone; Keira Hinton – Alto Saxophone; Steven Urrutia – Alto Saxophone; Vicente Esquivel – Tenor saxophone? Aidan Porter – Tenor Saxophone? Jonathan Ellis – Bari Sax; Charles Prince – Trombone? Madilyn Dusek – Trombone? Jordynn Grimes – Trombone? Riley Sivilay – Trumpet? Taliesin LeDoux – Trumpet; Haze Close – Clarinet? Lynette Holdbrook – Clarinet? Daniel Putegnat – Τούμπα; Miguel Alvarado – Toumba? Tomas Dorsey – Vibes and auxiliary percussion? Gideon McFarland – Vibes; and Maebry Kraatz – drum set.

The Texas A & M-Kingsville Jazz Festival, which took place Friday and Saturday, featured 28 high school jazz and high school jazz performances, concerts and a jazz clinic with world-renowned jazz saxophonist Bob Reynolds.

Ramirez described receiving an invitation to the jazz festival as an incentive to turn things around. He said he was looking for a jazz festival to attend the band, but many had filled all the seats months earlier. So Ramirez contacted his alma mater – A&M Kingsville – hoping to attend the university’s jazz festival.

“I got my degree from A & M-Kingsville and contacted Dr. “Hageman, who is the department president, actually came back to me,” Ramirez said. “It was the week before the spring break. He turned to me and said, “Hi, we just pulled a high school jazz out of the jazz festival, so we have an open space.” It was a bit strange that it just opened. So I met my parents and got them all. “We got the green light from everyone to go to the jazz festival, we received the papers before the spring break and it was really hectic three days before the spring break.”

In addition to first place, eight Miller Middle School artists received All Star Big Band awards from the festival: Shanks, Esquivel, Ellis, Prince, Dusek, Grimes, Alvarado and Sivilay. Ramirez described attending the jazz festival as a great experience for his students.

“One of the biggest reasons I wanted kids to go out there so they could not just watch other band shows … but just expose them to music and all these possibilities as well as college,” Ramirez said. . “Well, we went there and the kids did great. “There are things that happen with every live show, no one is perfect and they were very nervous, but they treated it like professionals.”

Following Saturday ‘s successful performance, Ramirez said the jazz band will perform at Art Squared on Saturday, May 14 at the Hays County Courthouse Lawn, where attendees can help raise money for the program.

“If you want to donate some of the things we want to add to the program right now, we’re just trying to get some money so we can replace some of our old instruments,” Ramirez said. “We want to expand and at the moment we only have two tenor saxophones. It would be great to have two more. Simply replacing a piece of equipment that is a little more obsolete that has been used well. So if people can get to Art Squared είτε get out, you will hear the band. I think it will be a set of two hours “.

Ramirez said he hopes to bring the jazz band back to the Texas A & M-Kingsville Jazz Festival next year, but he also has high hopes for the program.

“My dreams and aspirations are to keep going to these festivals, to expand into some things on a larger scale, and I hope to do some national competitions at some point,” Ramirez said. “Do some competitions in different states. Develop the program, not only in the sense of jazz, but also as we continue to rebuild after Covid, to rebuild all our wind instruments, our symphonic band to put it all back on track. And hopefully, when people think of San Marcos, I’m thinking of the Miller Middle School complex, [and say,] “Dude, they have a great band.” And, you know, San Marcos High School has a great band program. Ultimately, that makes it a force in the music world. “

Miller Middle School Jazz Band receives first-place award at Texas A&M-Kingsville Jazz Festival Source link Miller Middle School Jazz Band receives first-place award at Texas A&M-Kingsville Jazz Festival

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