Military vaccine mandate: More than 6% of Air Guard, Reserve members don’t meet deadline for COVID shot

Washington-If more than 6% of Air National Guards and reserves miss the COVID-19 vaccine deadline and do not receive the required injections or exemptions, the Air Force may begin to face consequences. there is. Said on friday.

According to Air, Airguard members reporting on their monthly training this weekend will be allowed and paid for participation, whether vaccinated or not, but members without shots will report to the base. You will have the opportunity to be vaccinated when you are a force spokeswoman, Anne Stefanek.

The Air Force said that by Thursday’s deadline, approximately 11,000 troops had not been vaccinated. The reserve has approximately 107,000 Air National Guard and 68,000 members, and approximately 3,500 unvaccinated are medically or administratively exempt. However, the total unvaccinated total may be slightly lower than the data so far show. Authorities warned that information on guards and reserves could be delayed. Some civilian Air Force soldiers may have been shot at a local pharmacy and have not yet submitted data to the service.

“Members of the unvaccinated Air National Guard will report to weekend training missions as usual,” Stefanek said. “The commander will take this opportunity to educate staff about vaccination requirements and the consequences of non-compliance with the mission.”

As of Thursday’s deadline, about 91.5% of security guards were vaccinated, according to data released by the Air Force on Friday. More than 5,800 unvaccinated people are seeking religious exemptions, which are ongoing. So far, the service has not approved a religious exemption. A little over 2,100 officially rejected the shot.

In a broader sense, about 97% of the active Air Force has received at least one shot. The deadline for vaccination by active aviation personnel was one month ago.

The Air Force deadline for guards is the first. Members of the Army National Guard will need to obtain the vaccine until June next year. This is mainly due to the much larger army. This army is dispersed throughout the country and cannot go to major bases and facilities as often as members of the Air Guard.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has revealed that vaccines are mandatory for national guards. In a memo earlier this week, he said members of the National Guard who refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19 would be banned from federal-funded training and training needed to maintain their status.

However, these prohibitions have not yet come into effect. Austin said military service needs to publish official guidance on how to deal with security guards who refuse the vaccine until next week.

Austin said security guards who were not allowed to participate in the training because they refused vaccination would not be paid by the Pentagon. And they don’t receive credits that count towards retirement or other federal benefits. Austin told service leaders to work with the Chief of the National Guard and the Chief Human Resources Officer of the Pentagon to implement the policy.

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Military vaccine mandate: More than 6% of Air Guard, Reserve members don’t meet deadline for COVID shot Source link Military vaccine mandate: More than 6% of Air Guard, Reserve members don’t meet deadline for COVID shot

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