Military Briefing: Ukraine holds out against Russian advance but fears mount over Moscow tactics

Russian troops are facing fierce Ukrainian resistance around Kyiv and civilian demonstrations in towns occupied in the south, raising the stakes for the Kremlin and raising concerns about the repression tactics Moscow may use to achieve its goals.

as The invasion Entering its 12th day on Monday, Ukrainian forces stood their ground around Kyiv and launched counter-attacks, frustrating Russian attempts to encircle the capital.

“We were very impressed with the courage and ability of the armed forces of Ukraine and the people, to be honest, and the extent to which they, for more than a week, have stopped what is known as a much superior military machine.” Said a senior European defense official.

From the south, where Russia is almost complete Land bridge For Crimea, large and unarmed masses of civilians clashed with soldiers over the weekend in Kherson, the largest city Russia has occupied.

But how long can the Ukrainians resist this big question, Analysts And Western defense officials said. Russian forces are moving to a siege strategy that seeks to destroy civilian infrastructure such as power plants and punish Ukrainians for their defiance.

“No matter what problems you hear about [the Russian military]”We have to be very clear about how huge the numerical advantage and capability that Russia has,” the European defense official added.

The Pentagon said Russia fired 600 missiles during the invasion, up from 500 as of Friday, suggesting an acceleration from about 20 launches on the day identified last weekend.

A senior U.S. defense official said Russia had transferred 95% of the forces that were on the border before the invasion moved to Ukraine. He said there were only “limited changes in the terrain” during the past 24 hours.

The official added that Ukraine’s airspace remains controversial. “Both sides have suffered losses in both the aircraft and missile defense inventory,” the official said. “We estimate that both sides still possess most of their air defense systems and capabilities.”

Recently referendum82 percent of Ukrainians said they were confident in their ability to fend off Russia’s attack. On Sunday, President Volodymyr Zalansky urged the Ukrainians to “expel the Russians.”

But the halted invasion apparently raised concerns about the tactics Moscow may use, including repressive methods to deter rebels and control civilian populations after the occupation of urban centers.

According to European intelligence sources, the FSB of Russia, the successor to the KGB, has been accused of maintaining political order in the occupied towns.

“Russian officials are considering aggressive measures to suppress expected protests and resistance…[including] “Violent mass control, repressive arrest of protest organizers and possibly public executions to deter Ukrainian protesters,” a European source told the Financial Times.

The use of terrorism to subdue Combat populations Is a well-worn tactic, analysts said. It is inexpensive, and it is a potentially important consideration for the Kremlin as Western sanctions are hurting the economy and the financial costs of the invasion are rising.

It also requires fewer soldiers. Occupying an entire country typically requires 20 troops per 1,000 people, though Russia imposed more than 150 troops per 1,000 inhabitants in Chechnya in 2003, according to the U.S. Army College of War. Study. In Ukraine, this would equal the strength of more than 6 million Russian troops.

“The temptation in Moscow to resort to terrorism in the vast expanses of Ukraine will be great. It is also a cheap and proven method when you do not have enough men,” said Sergio Germilo, a senior adviser at the European Peace Institute in Brussels and a former Colombian defense official who planned the peace process.

“In Colombia, semi-military militias used a series of savage massacres to break the will of the locals. If something like this were to happen in Ukraine, what would the West do?”

In February, Washington claimed in a letter sent to the United Nations that the United States had “reliable information” that Russian forces “would probably use lethal means to disperse peaceful demonstrations or otherwise oppose peaceful exercises of perceived resistance.”

God Letter It also claimed that Russia had identified Ukrainians as “being killed or sent to camps following a military occupation.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the letter’s claims were “completely trivial, a lie… A complete fabrication. There is no such list. It is a forgery.”

Military Briefing: Ukraine holds out against Russian advance but fears mount over Moscow tactics Source link Military Briefing: Ukraine holds out against Russian advance but fears mount over Moscow tactics

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