MileSplit California names SCV athletes to all-state team

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Athletes in the Santa Clarita Valley continued to gain praise this summer as the well-known track publication Mile Split California nominated many athletes on the Jeonju team.

According to ca.milesplit.com, both Golden Valley High School and Saugus High School were on the list, and Grizzlies won half a dozen winners.

Saugus high

Centurions featured one runner, four-time Foothill League champion Hannah Fredericks. Hannah Fredericks plans to continue her career at Masters University next season. Fredericks Distance Coach Kevin Burns is proud of all of Fredericks’ achievements and cannot fully express that he is currently recognized as one of the athletes to form an all-state team.

“The last four years of teaching Hannah have been great. She has grown tremendously as an athlete,” Burns said.

Fredericks is one of the three distance athletes in SCV history who won three league titles in the same tournament and is also the 3,200-meter Division 1 Champion. According to Burns, Fredericks is the fourth fastest female long-distance runner in Santa Clarita’s history.

“It was a bit unexpected, but it’s an honor to be on the list with all the other great girls on the team. It was a really cool surprise,” Fredericks said. “I don’t think I could have asked for more seasons. I didn’t know if it would be canceled. There was a lot of competition and I felt like there were a lot of people behind this season. It really helped me want to be better, and it made the victory even more beautiful. ”

Golden Valley High School

The six Grizzlies athletes who formed the team, ranging from freshmen to seniors, are promising signs of the program for Golden Valley head coach Ronnie Davis.

After Golden Valley High’s senior Antonio Abrego won the 800-meter men’s national team in April, the coach will check the time over the phone. Abrego was one of the six Grizzlies to be selected for the California Milesplit all-state team.Dan Watson / Signal

“It was very exciting. It’s a great achievement not only for the individual, but for the program,” Davis said. “We had athletes of all classes and a variety of sports. This shows the variety of programs for all events. It excites us and looks forward to the next season. ”

The list included seniors Antonio Abrego and Kienan Donovan, juniors Kylie Davis and Elijah Ellis, sophomores Adonijah Curry and freshman Megan Humphreys.

Both Donovan and Abrego are planning to compete at the college level next season. Donovan has been selected as a thrower and will be competing at the University of California, Riverside next season. He feels good to know that his achievements and efforts have been fully demonstrated this season.

Golden Valley Kienando Novan will throw shot put in 2019. Grizzlies Senior Donovan has been named to the Mile Split California Jeonju team.Signal file photo

“When the COVID hit, I saw it as an opportunity to make it better and worked very hard through the quarantine,” Donovan said. “I feel good to know that my efforts have paid off. I want to be a leader through my actions. See what I need and have a positive impact on motivated children in life. I’m glad to be able to give you. ”

Abrego has been selected for middle-distance running and will continue his career at the University of Iowa. Abrego looks forward to maximizing his potential next season.

“It was a real honor to be selected as one of the best players in the state and to form a team,” Abrego said. “I wouldn’t have been able to do that without (my coach). They have played a big role in my four years of high school, and I’m very grateful. Hopefully I can take over the traits and succeed at the next level, and I’m really looking forward to it. ”

Golden Valley High’s Kylie Davis will be competing in the May Long Jump. Davis was named to MileSplit California’s all-state team. Dan Watson / Signal.

Davis, Ellis and Humphreys were all selected for the jump. Ellis won the Foothill League title and finished fifth in the state tournament for the jump. He said he was proud of his performance and saw his achievements as a blessing of all his efforts.

“I’m patient and I’m really proud to have trained. When I created the first team in Jeonju, I’m sure this will happen when someone works hard for their goals. I knew, “said Ellis. “I’m ready for the challenge now. This season has certainly prepared for next season. I can show you what I can do, so please look at me. is.”

Eliya Ellis of the Golden Valley will be competing in the May long jump. Ellis was one of the six Grizzlies to be named to the California Milesplit all-state team.Dan Watson / Signal

According to Milesplit, California, Humphreys, the only freshman on the list on the Grizzlies team, set a new 5-foot, 6-inch personal record in the high jump, making him fourth in the state. She was excited and humbled to be part of the list.

“I just want to improve with the high jump. I couldn’t do some of the events I usually do because of my injury, but I want to go back to another event,” Humphreys said. “I had a lot of time to work on the high jump, and now I want to improve the high jump as much as possible.”

Adonijah Curry on the right, followed by Golden Valley High teammate Jade Tyr, won the 400-meter dash in May. Curry was named to MileSplit California’s all-state team.Dan Watson / Signal

Curry concludes the list of talented athletes in the Grizzlies. Curry’s last run of the season was a school-recorded performance at a state tournament at Arcadia High. So she ran 55.17 times in 3rd place at 400 meters.

“I was a little surprised to form a team,” Curry said. “I just did my best in the tournament and practiced very hard before competing. I want to compete harder next season, set more personal records and win as many events as possible. I am. ”

MileSplit California names SCV athletes to all-state team Source link MileSplit California names SCV athletes to all-state team

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