Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva Shocker: We’re NOT Divorcing!

This weekend New episode 90th Fiance: Happily ever? It took its name from the story of Mike and Natalie.

Trish called Natalie a snake in the grass And he told Mike to divorce Natalie … and she didn’t chop up the words about it.

Everyone knows this went down months ago, and news of their separation leaked earlier this year.

So how is their divorce happening? In fact, the answer may be a little shocking.

The marriage of Mike Youngquist and Natalie Moldovzewa has long been a problem.

To be honest, their relationship was very bad long before they got married.

Stopping their first wedding attempt just hours before the wedding wasn’t exactly a good sign.

Natalie Moldovzewa-She called me Hooker, your mom

One of the two major problems was Nathalie’s claim that Mike’s mother, Trish, called her a “prostitute.”

The derogatory term for sex workers is clearly an insult, but when Trish calls it to Natalie, the viewer does not see or hear it.

Natalie felt insulted, but arguably the bigger problem was that her husband Mike didn’t believe her.

Trish-Do you understand me?I have never done that

Trish categorically denied calling Natalie such a thing.

However, this conversation led to an explosion that broke the fourth wall between spouses.

Mike got tired of standing up and melted down about Natalie’s actions.

Mike Youngquist says she has nothing to say about him

This was when Natalie revealed that she had been staying at her friend Juliana’s house for weeks.

Apparently she stayed there after giving out her Christmas presents to Juliana’s family.

After this revelation, emotional Mike said a polite farewell to production and went out of control.

Mike Youngquist tries to call his wife, but there is no response

In this week’s episode, Mike called Natalie to see if the problem went away.

Apparently this was the next day. Mike didn’t get a reply and called his mother instead.

Trish told Mike exactly what she thought.

Mike Youngquist listens to Trish-she doesn't even like you

“She doesn’t even like you,” Trish accused.

She theorized that Natalie was deliberately fighting these battles to give her an excuse to leave.

Trish then added, “She’s a snake in the grass,” and gave the episode a colorful title.

Mike Youngquist listens to Trish-she's a snake in the grass

“I say I’m divorcing her ass,” Trish suggested.

Her theory was that Natalie came to the United States with a microphone (always a popular theory among the more xenophobic viewers of this franchise).

Mike disagreed with his mother’s words, but only a little.

Mike Youngquist hears Trish say-I say divorce her ass

Mike disagreed with his mother about some of them.

In most cases, he still wanted to try to get it to work with Natalie.

Meanwhile, at Juliana’s house, Natalie felt very different.

Juliana asks Natalie Moldovzewa-why are you so angry? What happened?

She was fed up when Natalie raised her eyebrows and explained to her pleasant friend.

Emotionally exhausted by her toxic marriage, she felt she had enough.

She went to the sequim to pack up the rest of her luggage and evict her permanently.

Natalie Moldovzewa arrives at Sequim and picks up her luggage

All these timelines are consistent with what I heard in previous reports.

Natalie left Mike and stayed in Juliana around Christmas 2020.

A few weeks later, in mid-January, she returned for the rest.

Natalie Moldovzewa sits alone on the couch

The separation was very realistic. Then Certainly inevitable divorce?

but, In Touch Weekly Neither Mike nor Natalie have actually filed for divorce.

The marriage seems to have ended in all meaningful ways, except that no paperwork has been submitted.

Trish takes Natalie Moldovzewa

Relatedly, we need to point out recent unconfirmed but conceptually credible rumors.

According to some alleged DMs There is a video of Trish calling Natalie a “prostitute” In a context where it makes sense.

If this is true, we’ll probably see it on the upcoming Tell All Special. Will it change anything?

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva Shocker: We’re NOT Divorcing! Source link Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva Shocker: We’re NOT Divorcing!

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