Mike Shouhed, Shahs of Sunset Star, Charged With Domestic Violence Against Fiancee

Mike Shouhed is in serious trouble with the law.

According to documents obtained by various celebrity gossip outlets, the Shahs of Sunset star was charged on July 20 with various misdemeanors … including eight counts of domestic violence, assault and unlawfully attempting to dissuade the victim from filing a report.

In addition, Shouhed is also in front six gun charges – from criminal possession of a loaded firearm to possession of an assault weapon.

Shouhed’s attorney, Alex Kessel, denied the domestic violence allegations following the reality star’s March 27 arrest.

In a statement to E! News on April 4, he said the following:

“At this time, the only comment I can make with confidence is that my client is in no way guilty of domestic violence and the truth will prevail.”

And what happened? And what led to these charges?

Shouhed’s fiancee Paulina Ben-Cohen confirmed through her lawyer (Joshua Ritter) on Tuesday that she is a “victim of the affair.”

“Paulina’s main focus is keeping herself and her children safe,” Ritter said on behalf of her client.

“He supports the work being done by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service and will continue to co-operate with them, looking forward to putting this sad situation behind him and moving on with his life.”

It is currently unclear if Shouhed and Ben-Cohen are still together.

Shouhed was originally taken into custody on March 27 and charged at about 1:05 a.m. the next day, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records.

Hours later, he posted his $50,000 bond and was released.

“My own investigation reveals that my client is not guilty of domestic violence,” he said at the time.

“I have no doubt that Mike will be released. Please respect the presumption of innocence.”

Last August, Shouhed and Ben-Cohen announced their engagement at the Shahs of Sunset season 9 reunion special.

“We took one long vacation this year and I wanted it to be alone with him. And he said, ‘No, if that’s the only long trip we take this year, you can bet we’ll take the kids,'” he said after the suggestion.

“When I was tanning and drinking my drinks, he said, ‘I have this.’ Every night he washes my kids and brushes their teeth.

“He does things that no man, no man does for his children, let alone his grandchildren. And that’s why I know this time is so different.”

He continued last summer:

“The love and connection we have for each other, I couldn’t live a day without him in my life.

“Like, honestly, I’ve told him before that I wouldn’t live without him.”

Shouhed – who starred in the Shahs of Sunset cast from the first season to the last – faces a preliminary hearing on August 29.

Mike Shouhed, Shahs of Sunset Star, Charged With Domestic Violence Against Fiancee Source link Mike Shouhed, Shahs of Sunset Star, Charged With Domestic Violence Against Fiancee

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