Microsoft board investigated Bill Gates over an alleged affair with employee, report says

Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft’s board in 2020 after the board hired a law firm to investigate romantic relationships with Microsoft employees. To a new report from The Wall Street Journal..

Quote “People familiar with the matter,” the journal reported on Sunday, saying a Microsoft engineer “claimed in a letter that he had had a sexual relationship with Gates for years.”

“During the investigation, some board members decided that it was no longer appropriate for Gates to sit on the board of a software company that had been up and running for decades,” the journal reported. “Mr. Gates resigned before the board investigation was completed.”

No employees were nominated in the journal article. CNN has not confirmed the claims cited by the journal.

“Microsoft received concerns in late 2019 that Bill Gates tried to start an intimate relationship with company employees in 2000,” a Microsoft spokeswoman told CNN business late Sunday. confirmed. “A board committee reviewed the concerns with the help of an external law firm to conduct a thorough investigation. Throughout the investigation, Microsoft broadly addressed the employees who raised the concerns. Provided support. “

In a statement to the journal, a Gates spokesman said: Bill’s decision to move from the board had nothing to do with this issue. In fact, he has been interested in spending more time on philanthropy for several years. “

A spokeswoman also pointed out a March 2020 statement regarding his decision to resign from the board.

The WSJ story was released soon Another New York Times article Gates reported that he “has increased his reputation for suspicious activity in a work-related environment.”

“At least a few times, Gates tracked a woman who worked for him at Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” the Times quoted as “people who know the overture directly.”

The Times did not quote the names of the people involved.

A Gates spokesperson told the Times, “It’s a shame that not much truth has been revealed about the causes, circumstances and timelines of Bill Gates’ divorce.”

“The allegations of employee abuse are also false,” a spokeswoman said. “Rumors and speculations about Mr. Gates’ divorce are becoming more and more silly, with people who know little or no about the situation. It’s a shame that it’s characterized as follows: ” Source. “”

CNN has not confirmed the allegations cited by the Times. A Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday night.

Earlier this month, Melinda Gates-the wife of Bill Gates and the co-founder of their foundation- Apply for divorce.. In a statement announcing their division, the couple said, “After a lot of thought and effort about our relationship, we decided to end the marriage.”

Bill Gates One of the wealthiest people in the world. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index ranking, his net worth was $ 144 billion as of today.

– – Clare Duffy contributed to this report

Microsoft board investigated Bill Gates over an alleged affair with employee, report says Source link Microsoft board investigated Bill Gates over an alleged affair with employee, report says

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