Michigan limits reproductive health services that midwives, nurses can provide

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Unlike other states, Michigan law limits maternal health services that midwives and registered nurses can provide.

Ruth Zielinski, a professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing and Nursing, discusses sanctions against APRNs and midwives, and how the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on abortion could affect Michigan women. needed. fertility care.

The Maryland Legislature recently passed a law authorizing it medical assistant, advanced registered nurses and midwives perform abortions. What are the limits on maternity care, such as abortion, morning after pill, etc., in Michigan?

First, Michigan does not have to restrict where abortion can be delivered by requiring an abortion at a hospital or a specific location (depending on the location of the surgery). This has unnecessary restrictions and can make access to abortion even more difficult for those who are pregnant rural communityespecially if they are low income.

Similarly, Michigan has prevented APRNs, including midwives, from undergoing abortion surgery for the first three months, although it is included in the international midwifery team’s practice and is safer than other midwifery methods. Abortion prescriptions are limited to physicians. Medical abortion, or RU-486, puts an end to the developing pregnancy.

APRNs, including midwives, can write plan B (morning virus). Morning fetuses are emergency contraceptives that do not implant an implant but delay or prevent ovulation.

Who uses midwives and APRNs and who is most affected by these restrictions?

I do not have specific estimates of this because they are not collected. In short, I will tell you that most Federal Institutes of Health use APRNs and midwives very carefully. As with other health care needs, the people most affected are the less affluent, especially those who are rural areas (which there are many in Michigan). Also, children under the age of 18 cannot have an abortion in Michigan without parental consent, so restrictions apply. These are all people ungozoma very careful.

Has there been an attempt to expand the status of midwives and APRNs?

Yes, there is in Michigan but, unfortunately, not to expand the abortion care service. It’s something I really want to take but I can’t think right now there is a chance that such a parliament is against elections.

How does Michigan compare to other states?

Abortion is legal in Michigan but cannot be paid for at public expense (i.e. Medicaid will not pay). The number of abortion clinics dropped from 83 in 1982 to just 20 in 2014. While people with resources can travel for abortion, with gas prices, it is very difficult for low-income people living in rural areas. like UP, to get an abortion.

While Governor Whitmer supported the election, the legislature and the Senate did not make a decision, which made it a challenge.

In Michigan, counseling is not arbitrary and puts a heavy burden and restrictions on having an abortion: “A woman cannot have an abortion until at least 24 hours after a doctor, too. ‘ nurse, assistant physician, psychologist. social worker or a specialist counselor confirms the patient is pregnant and verbally compares the patient to the fetal age of the fetus. “

Will the US Supreme Court’s decision affect midwifery practices?

Michigan is one of 26 states that could prevent abortion in almost any case, including rape and rape, if Roe v. Wade. In 1931 abortion was banned in Michigan — the law was still in force, but Roe v. Wade overturned the ban. Now, if Roe v. Wade, this law can work. Governor Whitmer has filed a lawsuit to make abortion legal in the state. According to a opinion poll conducted by Whitmer’s office most Michigan people want it abortion to be legalized in the state.

The midwife will be affected so that many people may seek an abortion or be forced to continue an unwanted or unhealthy pregnancy. In some cases, they may be forced to have an abortion that puts them or their fetus at risk — for example, in an illness or while the mother is taking medication or using substances that could harm the fetus.

The Supreme Court allowed legal challenge to Texas abortion law, but did not overturn it

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