Michelle Young Breaks Silence on Nayte Olukoya Split. And Also That $200K Gift from ABC!

Michelle Young is single and ready to date—at least with a certain podcast listener.

The 29-year-old was a guest on the Almost Famous podcast this week alongside co-hosts Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti and answered several questions about her split from Nayte Olukoya.

“It’s definitely not something I was going to work on this summer,” the former Bachelorette said on air, hinting that she didn’t see this breakup coming.

“But I definitely understand that sometimes we have to go through things that we didn’t plan for or that weren’t part of our life plans.”

Young and Olukoya both announced with their engagement ending in late June.

“It’s hard for me to say that Nayte and I are going our separate ways,” Young wrote on Instagram at the time.

“But I stand by him and know the pregnancy in both of our hearts because this relationship has been very real to us.”

Young had served as the first-ever Black Bachelorette last year and chose Nayte as the champion of her heart in an emotional season finale.

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young photoNayte Olukoya and Michelle Young photo

Where did things go wrong?

“Nayte and I are very independent people,” Young tried to explain in this podcast.

“We’re in two different places. He’s in Austin, I’m in Minnesota, and long distance travel is tough.

“The day off this summer and the opportunity to retire from teaching, it would have happened regardless of the relationship, regardless of the influence – whatever you want to call it – just because I really should have retired from teaching.

“But would it have resulted in me spending more time with Nayte? Yeah.”

Michelle Young meets a competitorMichelle Young meets a competitor

Olukoya earlier released a detailed statement on this division highlighting it he did NOT betray Young.

That may well be true, but “I’m going to say this is not something I anticipated, and I’ll leave it at that,” Michelle said, kind of ominously, on the podcast.

Meanwhile, in the Season 18 finale ABC gave the couple $200,000 to buy their first house together.

It was considered a strange and risky gesture at the time, and has been the subject of several questions in recent days.

Michelle Young and Nayte OlukoyaMichelle Young and Nayte Olukoya

Or really just one question:

Will Michelle and Nayte get to keep all this money? Even after a breakup?!?

“It was a gift to both of us, and I think that’s something that will be decided on how to use it going forward,” Young said.

“For me personally [I] I haven’t officially decided, but I’m kind of starting to put different things in place to give back… to build an organization or just to promote the change that I’ve been talking about, and I think that would be something that I would like. feels really good.”

Michelle Young waits her turnMichelle Young waits her turn

Young added that he has “cryed on the phone with one of the producers” and asked if he could “give the money to someone else.”

Somehow we doubt that has happened.

But we understand why he has to say it.

Michelle Young with a roseMichelle Young with a rose

“Breakups are nasty. Breakups are terrible,” Young concluded.

“They hurt, don’t they? And I think it’s so hard that sometimes it feels like it’s out of your control.

“You wake up and some days you just feel like, ‘OK, I’ve just got to pass the time…give it time,’ but you can’t always speed up that time. You can’t always speed up the healing, you can put in the effort, but you can’t always speed up.

“But in this particular situation, I’m like, ‘This is not how the story ends.’

“Where I’m at right now emotionally, mentally, like how my heart feels — that’s not how the story ends, and I really deserve to get to the point where I get those things.”

Michelle Young Breaks Silence on Nayte Olukoya Split. And Also That $200K Gift from ABC! Source link Michelle Young Breaks Silence on Nayte Olukoya Split. And Also That $200K Gift from ABC!

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