Meri Brown: Kody Who?!? I’m Making My Own Happiness!

Meri Brown wants to clarify something again:

She doesn’t need anyone to make her happy.

Specifically, she does not need a selfish, xenophobic, careless man to make her happy.

In other words?

She doesn’t need Cody Brown.

It’s true that Kodi has stopped trying, following Sister Wife, who saw Meri and Kodi’s marriage getting smaller and smaller, but veteran TLC personalities share the above selfies.

As she did well in the past, Meri sent the following message to those who were worried about her well-being.

I’m fine. Thank you!

“They say they bring your own sunlight!” He wrote Brown as a caption and continued:

“Yes, to be honest, we all know that there are days that are harder than others, and that’s perfectly okay! You can, you can!

“Bring it, share it, and make it shine!”

That’s pretty sound advice.

Meri has been taking a half-water approach to life on social media for some time.

She had to remind those who were worriedShe’s a fighter hat And she isn’t trying to discourage her from Kodi’s insensitive behavior.

Even when her spiritual spouse says he has no sparks in the whole universe I’m not interested in sleeping with Meri again..

“I’m looking for sparks. Something that initiates some form of desire for a relationship with each other,” he said in a broadcast this winter, adding that sparks have “not appeared” for years.

Oh, and he said this shortly after Meri organized a picnic for the pair to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

What a lover.

“Wear yellow if needed. Do something for others. It often helps,” Meri adds in the caption above, simply spending a day off. Provided advice to people.

“Enclose yourself with the people who share your brilliance!”

Kodi and Meri got caught in 1990.

However, they divorced in 2014 so that Kodi could marry Robin and legally adopt her child from a previous relationship.

From there, Meri went online and thought she had met a potential companion … she just discovered she was a cruel joke ass and was actually flirting for weeks. Woman..

This cat fishing scandal has almost ended all hope for her and Kodi to regain a romantic foothold.

Sister Wives viewers have been urging Meri to leave Kodi for over a year now.

However, she posted a long retort pouch on these plea in December and shot down all that possibility when she wrote very briefly about Kodi.

“”I love this man.“”

I really don’t know why.

Still, we admire Meri’s self-sufficiency.

Here’s how she closed the message a few days ago:

Be the one who, knowingly or unknowingly, brings brilliance to others. You never know what someone needs or who they need. Be that person for yourself!

Please shine brightly! sparkling!

Meri Brown: Kody Who?!? I’m Making My Own Happiness! Source link Meri Brown: Kody Who?!? I’m Making My Own Happiness!

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