Meri Brown Honors Late Mother 6 Months After Tragic Death

Six months after losing the most important person in her life, Meri Brown wrote a long and emotional compliment.

Veteran, as detailed earlier Sister Wives Star said goodbye In late March, she told her 76-year-old mother, Bonnie, a sad Instagram message with sad and unexpected news to her followers.

“17th 1976 wasn’t enough time for the world to feel the beautiful spirit of this beautiful woman,” wrote Ma at the time.

Six months later, Meri is back on her official account again to honor her beloved parent.

“Six months after this beautifully chosen woman died suddenly, I’m happy to call her’mama’,” Brown wrote on Monday.

“I have to remember that I can’t call her and talk to her about my latest ideas, my fun plans, or the latest news for 6 months.

“Six months I saw what she liked and then remembered that I couldn’t get it for her.”

Bonnie was featured here and there in Sister Wives over the years, taking care of her daughter’s bed and breakfast that she bought many years ago.

“She left us suddenly, unexpectedly and very quickly,” Meri told fans in late March.

“And I literally don’t know how to do the rest of my life without her.”

I don’t think the cause of death has been announced.

Continued yesterday Meri:

“Six months I wanted to chat, ask for advice, and listen to her.

“Six months not asked about her love for the Savior and what she will give next. Six months I have been grateful for the fifty years I had her.

“It’s been six months since I remembered everything she taught me, her example, and the love she exuded.

“Remembering and thanking me for trying to be like her, for six months, because she was worth it.”

Bonnie began living with Meri in early 2020 during the first outbreak of Covid-19.

“One of the beliefs of our belief system is to get blessings like the word of God in our lives,” said Meri, who was broadcast around that time.

“Mom has received these blessings throughout her life, which she told her and, as you know, inspired her to become a shelter.”

Being emotional, Meri concludes about this episode of the TLC program:

“That was my mother’s motto.

“Just accepting and caring for someone, it’s just who she is.”

Shortly after Bonnie’s death, Meri’s Utah-owned bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, also shared a tribute to Bonnie.

It read as follows:

With deep sorrow, we announce the deaths of our incredible mother, grandmother, innkeeper, and beloved Bonnie. She loved this house and shared it with everyone who passed through Lizzie’s beautiful history.

This was a great way to spend her last year, she always wanted to be a safe place for others. She was more than that.

Everyone who has met Bonnie loves Bonnie. She misses beyond words and her existence is forever lost in this house.

Grandma Bonnie sleeps peacefully.

Meri Brown Honors Late Mother 6 Months After Tragic Death Source link Meri Brown Honors Late Mother 6 Months After Tragic Death

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