Mercedes-Benz beats Tesla in self-driving technology approval in California

Steering wheel of a moving Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic when using Drive Pilot, autonomous driving technology from Mercedes-Benz AG.

Carsten Cole Picture Alliance | Getty Images

The California Department of Motor Vehicles approved Thursday Mercedes-BenzThe self-driving system drives on designated highways under certain conditions without the need for active control by the driver.

California is one of them. TeslaIt’s the company’s largest market, accounting for 16% of its global deliveries last year, according to Reuters calculations.

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But the German automaker has beaten Tesla to become the first carmaker in California to be licensed to sell or lease cars with self-driving systems to the public.

The approval goes to Level 3 Mercedes-Benz ‘DRIVE PILOT’ systems, which legally allow drivers to take their eyes off the wheel but must be able to resume control if required. was taken.

According to DMV, the DRIVE PILOT system can only operate on daytime highways at speeds not exceeding 40 mph.

Tesla Autopilot and other systems currently in use on public roads general motorsClassified as SAE Level 2, Super Cruise handles some driving tasks but requires constant attention from the driver.

Tesla calls its Level 2 driver assistance systems “fully autonomous,” and says the driver must constantly monitor the function and intervene if necessary to maintain safe driving.

The permit gives Mercedes-Benz permission to offer the DRIVE PILOT system on the California highways of the Bay Area, Central Valley, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego, as well as the interstate highway from Southern California to Nevada. .

Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz also received approval to deploy highly automated driving systems on Nevada roads. Mercedes-Benz beats Tesla in self-driving technology approval in California

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