Memphis Smith Has Tearful Meltdown Amidst Feud with Hamza’s Sister: Please Leave Me Alone!

One of the biggest after unanswered questions 90 days groom: before 90 days tell me everything spoke of Memphis and Hamza.

We know they got married. We know Hamza came to Michigan. We know Memphis gave birth to their baby.

Besides, everything we’ve seen is a lot of clues as to what’s going on, and none of them are good.

When Memphis’s mess leaked back and forth about the alleged messages, Memphis gave a tearful public response asking for kindness.

Combining Memphis Smith and Moknii Hamza does not mean a happy life – spinoff or real happiness.

Relying on nausea, Memphis withdrew from the Tell All event.

While it is suspected they filmed one thing or another, the Tell All trick was not planned because Hamza’s family didn’t end up being part of it.

Rawia (Hamza's sister) IG says she and her mother were ready to attend Tell All

Over the weekend, Rawia – Hamza’s sister, a favorite of franchise fans – shared and deleted alleged messages with Memphis.

Rawia seemed to repeat her brother’s concern for Memphis ’ex-husband Justin Sandoval, who is the father of his children.

“Sister, Hamza doesn’t care to talk to her [sic] your ex-husband, but he [feels] jealous when you go alone to his home, Rawia wrote.

Memphis enters the conservatory

Memphis ’frustration was palpable despite the courtesy of his response.

“Justin isn’t here, he’s at work and when he comes here, I’ll leave,” Memphis explained. “I just can’t leave the kids alone.”

She reminded Rawia that without Justin she would not have been able to travel to Tunisia to see Hamza and get married.

Memphis Sandoval and Hamza cry and say goodbye

“He [understands] your situation, “Rawia replied,” but he can’t hide his own [feelings] that he [feels] jealous when you are [sic] in my ex-husband’s house. “

“Well, he doesn’t have to be with me then,” Memphis replied bluntly.

“Because he knows Justin is in the children’s lives and right now, he’s helping me a lot,” he added. “I have ended the debate.”

Rawia - he could have said it differently

Rawia continued in her Instagram stories, writing, “I think it’s time to talk about the truth and what my brother experienced.”

He added: “Trying to make someone look bad and lying to him is inhumane.”

“Every word of mine has evidence,” Rawia argued.

Memphis Sandoval and Hamza hug happily

“The first thing I will explain is why Hamza wants to MOVE with his wife and children to another city, and you will find out the answer,” Rawia hinted.

“I just want to expose other people’s lies,” Rawia said. “You’re just trying to show your good sides (it doesn’t exist), but your reality is worse.”

Rawia accused, “You want to play victim, but you’re a cheater and your mask will fall soon.”

Memphis Smith suggests they might not be together

Hamza published his own very vague message, apparently in response to the exchange.

“When a person can no longer control you, they will try to control how [others] see you, “he wrote.

“These lies seem unfair, but stay above it,” Hamza continued, “trusting that other people will finally see the truth just like you.”

Hamza and Memphis Sandoval are married

Memphis also published a crying collapse in which he told his denigrants that they did not know what they were talking about and they should stop insulting him.

He’s probably still under the NDA and can’t take any special defense, so he’s stuck in a position where he has to be vague.

This is a painful situation, and many of the hints of those involved cannot benefit this family.

Memphis Smith Has Tearful Meltdown Amidst Feud with Hamza’s Sister: Please Leave Me Alone! Source link Memphis Smith Has Tearful Meltdown Amidst Feud with Hamza’s Sister: Please Leave Me Alone!

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