Memorial Day service in Madera also remembers 9/11 victims

MANTERA, California (KFSN) – Amidst a sea of ​​red, white and blue, Mantera residents who came out to the Judicial Park reminded that fallen heroes are the reason we are free.

“Remember those who sacrificed for us, made the extreme sacrifice,” says David Rodrigues. “Both men and women. As the old saying goes, a sphere does not know who it is.”

Memorial Day services included laying wreaths to honor fallen comrades.

“It means everything,” says John Hancock. “It brings tears to my eyes. It’s very special.”

Commander Tom Zonsius of the VFW Post 1981 let people know that the 9/11 memorial package had reached the valley from scratch.

“I am honored to have it here in Mandera,” he said.

Teddy Lewis lived in New Jersey and came to pay tribute to the lives lost at the World Trade Center.

“Unfortunately, I lost a total of 11 family members and friends from the collapse of the towers, so that means a lot to me,” he said.

The bundle served as a strong reminder.

The 9/11 beam will be screened at various events in the area for the coming months. The plan, however, is for the beam to be permanently on display at Courthouse Park in Mandera.

Your next opportunity to see the surviving 9/11 memorial beam will be on June 16 at a business event at Hatfield Hall in Madera.

The beam will also be on display on July 4 at the Madera showroom.

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Memorial Day service in Madera also remembers 9/11 victims Source link Memorial Day service in Madera also remembers 9/11 victims

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