Melted Pecan Hair is The Coolest Subtle Shade for Summer

One thing is becoming clear: this is the summer Hair switch up..Although there are many options for Major changesIf you’re looking for something subtle, consider melted pecan nut hair.

Delicious shades are packed with dimensions and are perfect for the transition from Bleach blonde It returns to the natural hair color. If you want to spend as little time in your salon chair as possible over the past year, this is perfect because it requires minimal maintenance.

“It’s an elegantly natural two-dimensional color,” he says. Carissa Shout, Chicago Maxine Salon Colorist. “Deep roots keep it youthful and natural, and great baby lights help melt the two shades together to create a seamless style.” Baby lights help small children’s hair melt in the sun. Ultra-fine highlights created to mimic the way brightening is done with regular highlights Balayages.

Melted pecan nut hair has already been approved by celebrities. Hailey beaver Have grown her Brighter blonde Over the past year, as well as rocking blended pecan tones.

According to Schaudt, this shade is ideal for low-maintenance clients. You can only make corrections every few months.She also likes it especially for her clients Wavy hair, As the texture brings out the dimensions.

To make it look good, Shout asks your color list to ask for a two-dimensional color. Dimension is the keyword here. Because it gives you that cool “melting” effect. She recommends darkening the base color, but to minimize growth, it should be one or two colors darker than the roots. Then ask for those baby lights and let the stylist focus on the entire hairline to keep it a little brighter, then focus from the middle to the edges of the hair for an ombre look.

And of course, bring a lot of sample photos. Scroll through some of our favorite trends.

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Melted Pecan Hair is The Coolest Subtle Shade for Summer Source link Melted Pecan Hair is The Coolest Subtle Shade for Summer

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