Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: New Documentary Alleges Couple Deliberately Made Royals “Look Stupid” With Memorable Stunt

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been charged with almost every kind of accusation they can imagine since the couple announced that they would. Resigned as a senior member of the royal family..

With British tabloids Megan’s terrible family I did a very thorough job of splitting these two into despised tasks for the sport and attacking the challenge from every angle.

Therefore, the media delves into the archive, New arrival Criticism of Harry and Megan’s actions for years.

And what we have to say is that the level of pettyness exhibited in this latest attack is almost impressive.

When sane and decent people talk about Archie’s scandal, they generally refer to the claims made by members of the royal family. Concerns about Archie’s skin color While Megan is pregnant with the boy.

If the British tabloids wanted to help change, they could devote their energy to deciding which members of the Windsor clan made this terrifying racist statement.

(And because it was, they didn’t even have to make a lot of effort to search Almost certainly Prince Charles.. )

But when British outlets covering the royal family talk about Archie’s scandal, they may mention an incident in which Megan and Harry did not fully follow tradition when they announced the birth of their first child. not.

Yes, according to the new controversial documentary Report with the princeThe couple were expected to share their big news from the Lindwing stairs at St Mary’s Hospital, as Harry’s brother and sister-in-law, and his mother and father were in front of them. ..

Instead, the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess avoided the press and announced on social media.

And if you know anything about the British tabloids, you’re probably not surprised to find that this infuriated them.

“They told us that Windsor outside the castle would have a position for a media briefing,” he said. Daily Express Said in the documentation.

“And on the day he was born, they all announced that’she gave birth,’so we’re all in a hurry to Windsor,” Palmer continued.

“And you gave birth, oh, she gave birth, and in fact, she gave birth a few hours ago, before we told you that we gave birth to you.

“They made it so difficult for us, and they felt like they didn’t deliberately get in the way to make the British media look stupid.”

“So the baby was born early this morning, and I’m taking a taxi on the way to report that she’s giving birth,” Camilla Tominie, The Daily Telegraph..

“actually, faitac compli. And, by the way, they’re not going to tell us much about where the baby was born, “she added.

“So if you’re asked to broadcast live where your baby was born, you can’t say that.”

“I think Harry and Megan’s use of social media has thrown a loop into the British press,” said Erie Hall, senior reporter at Buzzfeed News.

(Hall wasn’t one of the angry Englishmen in the movie, but he was a fairer observer.)

“I had to follow this explanation if I wanted to know what was happening with Harry and Megan only when Archie was born.”

“We were finally introduced to Archie three days after he was born,” said Rhiannon Mills, Sky News’ royal correspondent.

“They decided they wanted to make a very small photo call.”

Horror! Imagine a new mother who wants to stay home with her baby instead of embarking on a press junket.

Some of these British journalists are very easily stunned.

Wait until they know Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein!!

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: New Documentary Alleges Couple Deliberately Made Royals “Look Stupid” With Memorable Stunt Source link Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: New Documentary Alleges Couple Deliberately Made Royals “Look Stupid” With Memorable Stunt

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