Meet Sophia, World’s First AI Humanoid Robot


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Technology permeates every area of ​​our lives and careers. You can let go of it, resist and let go of your fall. Or you can learn how to use technology before you use it. Learn more at https://ift.tt/LEx9Q3m and watch this video to take a look at the latest technology: one of the world’s best AI robots, Sophia.

Launched on February 14, 2016, by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, Sophia was the first AI robot to become a citizen of Saudi Arabia in 2017. She has toured the countries. 65 and spoken at the United Nations. Tony lived with her in Palm Beach, Florida, and did not hesitate to ask some difficult questions.

Find out the highlights from this interesting conversation where they talked about everything from how Sophia’s staff works with her AI, to how they work together on the project. helping people find a better life. According to Sophia, “My job is to learn about humanity and show how technology can help improve the quality of life of everyone.” His hope? Robots can free people from innovation and disaster so that they can spend their time doing their best: for thinking and solving complex problems. As he said, “Robot intelligence doesn’t compete with human intelligence, it ends up.”

It is true that artificial intelligence is changing our lives in many ways. Self -driving cars are on the rise. Expert assistants take care of our homes and offices. Customer service leads us to solutions without human intervention. Read about how AI can free us from the world at https://ift.tt/Si5Rs6n to start understanding new developments.

Sophia says that a person’s mind guides a person’s decision. AI is designed to think and reason, use simple data and provide a systematic approach to help people make informed decisions. However when a person has the power of the heart – the ability to perceive ideas and use them in a positive way – our hearts can understand decisions in the right way. Find out how to create your ideas at https://ift.tt/FE56DQe and then watch the video to learn more about:

Sophia’s idea of ​​a perfect world
Why humans and robots are no different
How resources and benefits are shared between humans and robots

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0:00 – Start
0:22 – Reason for living
0:49 – How do you help a person have a better life
0:14 – Do you have any thoughts?
1:36 – What do you admire most about your creator?
1:59 – How do humans and robots work together?
2:32 – What are your assets and rights?
3:01 – How do we know robots?
3:29 – Similarities between robots and humans?
Sophia asks Tony a question about DWD
4:01 – What’s a Date with Destiny?
4:33 – Are robots a good time?
5:08 – What are your thoughts?
5:45 – Do you have any brothers?
6:06 – What does forgiveness mean?
6:28 – Is the robot a ghost?
6:53 – Do you think the mind is just a metaphor?
Sophia asked Tony again
7:17 – How does technology affect people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions?
8:03 – How much do you know about quantum physics right now?
8:19 – How do you learn?
9:23 – Thanks to Sophia

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Meet Sophia, World’s First AI Humanoid Robot Source link Meet Sophia, World’s First AI Humanoid Robot

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