MCOE Education Spotlight: Giving thanks amid a school year like no other

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-In the ABC30 segment, Action News anchor Landon Burke talks with MCOE’s director to thank him for his unique grade.

Descent: Thanksgiving is often a time of remorse. What are you thinking about at MCOE now?

Steve: I am grateful for many things this year. This is the time to look back on everything we have to thank. We would like to thank all the parents for their great support last year. We participated in the parent-teacher association held not only every day but every year to actually learn how the system works. In particular, we are grateful to both the adolescents, the people who support the children every day, our staff and the CASA volunteers who are advocating for the children in the court system. We are grateful for the work we do across multiple institutions to support those who return to work. We have a strong partnership with the probation department. And, as we say, we help those who have been exposed to the legal system and imprisoned, but now they are fully trained and able to support their families. They can pay child support. They can put a roof overhead and are participating members of society. Really, these are all sorts of things I’m grateful for when we think about what our institution is doing as a county education bureau. Bring the community together. We must always look for that commonality. In the United States, especially over the last two years, political differences are different, but we have to find a way to work together when entering a public square. That means being an American. Landon, thank you for spending this year with us. Sincerely. And thank you for ABC30 to send us our message. thanks so much.

Descent: So how many years will it be? What would you say if you could come back in July and talk to yourself?

Steve: I would say hanging there, it would be better. There are plenty of good people who support us and the children of our county. I think this kind of chat is important these days, so we need to talk to each other and have a “self-talk” in our heads.

Descent: So, speaking of Peptalk, Dr. Titchen, what are you talking about next semester and the next semester?

Steve: Of course, there are many concerns about when the government will happen, but this year it won’t. We are really worried that students will stay safe during breaks as it will happen later. Due to the high volume of shipments and testing planned, parents wishing to have a COVID test can receive it free of charge at United Way and will be installed in the office in most school districts. Parents can pick them up, take them home and use them before going on a trip this winter vacation. We hope the kids will be back in January and ready to learn. I know there are two semesters in front of us. It will succeed. We want people to know that we are, overcoming the worst. We need to be careful, but we need to stay focused on the future. We all have a future to go there together.

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MCOE Education Spotlight: Giving thanks amid a school year like no other Source link MCOE Education Spotlight: Giving thanks amid a school year like no other

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