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Melanie Zanona and Manu Raju, CNN

The relationship between Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and minority leader Kevin McCarthy has never been warm. Now it’s really in the ditch.

After a week of whiplash power play, between the two leaders January 6 Selection CommitteeTensions among California legislators are higher than ever, and there are no signs that tensions will soon subside. Publicly blame each other and privately erupt each other.

On a heated phone call last week, Pelosi informed McCarthy that she would. Reject two of his choices To a special house committee investigating the January 6 attack. Aloud, knowledgeable sources said, and McCarthy protested, implying that the decision might come back to annoy her.

“What you’re doing is unprecedented,” McCarthy told Pelosi, according to a second source familiar with the phone.

Publicly, Pelosi agreed.

“The unprecedented nature of January 6 demands this unprecedented decision,” said Pelosi, who chose McCarthy’s Republicans, Jim Banks, Indiana, and Jim Jordan, Ohio, for the completeness of the investigation. Insisted that it would hurt.

Pelosi is currently investigating a deadly parliamentary riot that could trap not only former President Donald Trump, but McCarthy himself and some of his Republican colleagues. NS The first hearing will take place on Tuesday, Features testimony from police officers in response to the attack.Presenter Add Republican firepower On Sunday on Congressman Adam Kinzinger’s panel roster-another blow to McCarthy, who yanked all five of his choices from the panel last week and is trying to paint the probe as partisan as possible.

Meanwhile, McCarthy rejected Jordan and Banks, calling her a “lame duck speaker” and accusing her of destroying the facility, after which she increased public attacks on Pelosi in clear personal terms. And the Republican leader is now facing pressure from his right wing, and although destined to fail, he shot Pelosi with a “movement to open the speaker’s chair.” This is unsuccessful, but represents a dramatic escalation. McCarthy-Pelosi’s feud.

But at this point, Republican sources say it’s unlikely that McCarthy will pursue such a move. However, Republicans are already personally planning other ways to seek revenge if they regain a majority. According to GOP lawmakers and aides, they will come after the Democratic Commission’s mission and take advantage of what GOP has called the new Pelosi precedent.

Top Republican Target List: Congressman Eric Swolwell of California, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a member of the progressive “squadron” of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Congressman Omar.

Complete hostility only adds to the already toxic atmosphere in the house since January 6th. Also, if the leader needs to cooperate, that’s not a good sign. In the near future, you may need to rely on McCarthy to vote on infrastructure, spending bills that must be passed, or debt caps.

However, Pelosi and her lieutenant believe that if Republican support is needed for a bipartisan bill, it is probably the result of a moderate withdrawal from McCarthy.

When asked to explain the relationship between McCarthy and Pelosi, a Republican lawmaker sent a GIF of the battle scene from the movie “Anchor Man.”

And Tennessee Congressman Mark Greene provided this candid assessment. We all had it. “

Of course, Democrats see it differently.

“McCarthy said President Trump would be responsible for the January 6 attack,” referring to a statement made by Republican leaders a week after the riots, inciting the rebellion for the second time. Texas Rep. Hoakin Castro, Democratic Party Manager of the Trial, said. ..

“But then he had to be openly embarrassed to meet a police officer injured by a violent pro-Trump mob,” Castro said. “Chair Pelosi has made the right decision to reject two of his choices against the truth.”

Turning point

Even before the latest explosion, McCarthy and Pelosi were not nearby, their contact was minimal, and most communication took place at the staff level. For example, in last year’s coronavirus support negotiations, Pelosi worked directly with then-Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin. And McCarthy often prefers to deal with House leader Steny Hoyer, especially when it comes to House issues.

The relationship between Pelosi and McCarthy, unlike former Republican leaders John Bener and Paul Ryan, sees the Democrats as focusing alone on regaining a majority in the House of Representatives. It is said that it is because it is done.

For the Republicans, Pelosi’s dismissal of Jordan and the banks was the latest in a series of unilateral actions in which she ignored their views and their cries. After the two men were rejected, McCarthy began to pull all his picks. Republican Rep. Liz Cheney Ignored Republican leadership and accepted Pelosi’s appointment.

“Chair Pelosi has removed all the credibility (the Commission) has, regardless of who is attending, because he has removed those who will ask fair and difficult questions to know the facts.” Said Congressman Steve Scalise. House Republican whip. “And obviously, Pelosi doesn’t want to know the facts. She wants to tell a political story.”

Indeed, during negotiations on how to investigate the riots, the already rocky relationship of the pair began to deteriorate. McCarthy and Pelosi went back and forth between Independent Commission proposals, but things got worse and eventually closed on behalf of some of their ranks and file members.

A compromise was reached between the two, but McCarthy still opposed and the bill Blocked by the Republican Party In the Senate — a furious Democrat who says Republican leaders have never taken seriously to reveal the truth about what happened on January 6.

And Pelosi’s caucuses are firmly behind her. Democratic anger shortly after January 6 when many members refused to work with Republican colleagues who voted to overturn the election, threatened to blame some of them, and feared their physical safety. Given that, it’s not surprising.

On Thursday, Pelosi stopped at a meeting of her eight appointed men in her suite as lawmakers were preparing for their first hearing on Tuesday. She talked about the “overwhelming reaction” from all sides, including Democrats, friends and supporters, that blocking Jordan and the banks was the “right thing to do.”

But Republicans say their frustration with Pelosi dates back to the parliamentary attack. They build a plexiglass case for use by the minority as she begins a form of remote voting during a pandemic and allows quarantine lawmakers to continue to vote to elect her as a speaker on January 3. I was furious at weakening the procedural tools. ..

Pelosi’s decision to refuse two Republicans to sit on the selection panel was a complete surprise to the GOP and was a turning point for many members.

But it also handed over to the party the political issues they wanted about the special committee and speakers.

“She is willing to do everything to maintain control of the meeting for the next 18 months,” said a Republican in North Dakota, one of McCarthy’s special committee members. Kelly Armstrong said. “This is not about the truth. It is neither the last election nor the next election. It is about her good grasp of the conference and the community center.”

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