MCAS Miramar explains source of mysterious San Diego ‘boom’ –

San Diego (KUSI) – At 8:18 pm PST on June 8th, a boom struck throughout San Diego County, shaking some homes and causing many inhabitants. United States Geological SurveyWebsite for the latest information on earthquakes. There were no geological earthquakes in this area.

The boom wondered so many people on social media that #SanDiegoBoom became a trend on Twitter. Tweet from San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria..

Later, some San Diegans pointed out Camp Pendleton, which had previously announced that the military base would conduct live-fire training from June 5th to June 11th.

Without confirmation, the mystery continued.

On June 12, the Communications Bureau of the Marine Corps Air Base Miramar issued a statement entitled “San Diego Noise Event – ​​June 8, 2021”.

The statement states: “MCAS Miramar cannot explain all the sound events that occur in the area, but in this case it is probably due to aircraft training that occurs in the W-291 range, about 30 miles southwest of San Diego over the Pacific Ocean. is. .”

The statement further explains that the two units left the MCAS Miramar and engaged in simulated air-to-air combat training.

In essence, the aircraft created a sonic boom, MCAS Miramar wrote, adding that factors such as temperature and humidity can cause atmospheric conditions that allow the sound waves to travel further.

MCAS Miramar elaborated on the laws and regulations on supersonic flight on land that the Federal Aviation Administration has restricted since the mid-1970s.

The letter explained that supersonic speeds are within the scope of all FAA statues and military regulations over the Pacific Ocean and at that distance.

Fortunately, the MCAS Miramar is within one flight distance of 67% of US military airspace. “… and a range like the W-29 is crucial for training combat aviators.”

The statement distinguished that such practices have been going on at Miramar Base for over 24 years.

MCAS Miramar explains source of mysterious San Diego ‘boom’ – Source link MCAS Miramar explains source of mysterious San Diego ‘boom’ –

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