Mayor Gloria’s $4.89 Billion Proposed Budget Looks to Boost Infrastructure

MP Todd Gloria gave a moving speech as leader in the San Diego mayoral election.

Mayor Todd Gloria On Friday, it released its proposed $ 4.89 billion budget for fiscal year 2023, focusing on repairing obsolete infrastructure, improving city services, enforcing new regulations, and raising the salaries of first responders and other city employees. and reducing homelessness.

The budget, dubbed “Ready for Reconstruction” by the mayor’s office, is intended to reflect the city’s move away from the COVID-19 pandemic and into long-term projects.

“Budgets are statements of priority, and this plan prioritizes a healthy fiscal future for San Diego with investments that protect and improve the quality of life for all of our people,” Gloria told a news conference Friday. budget. “We take care that we have staff to carry out the work to deal with late repairs on roads, park facilities and sidewalks and to repair rainwater drains that keep our beaches and waterways clean.

“We are playing the long game with this budget – we are thinking about how this year’s spending decisions will affect San Diego’s financial position five years from now and ensuring that our city stays on track for real stability in every way,” he said.

The city’s Treasury Department forecasts that the general fund’s total revenue will increase by 8.2% – or $ 143.3 million – during the current fiscal year, which ends June 30.

However, Gloria’s budget was in deficit this year and will use the funds of the American Rescue Plan Act to replace the lost revenue – $ 123.5 million in ARPA funds this year, with the remaining $ 55.8 million retained for next year. .

“In this year’s budget, I’m happy to see the ongoing investment in supporting our public safety staff coming at a critical time,” said City Councilman Chris Kate. “In addition, from all the issues I hear from the residents of District 6, infrastructure is consistently a top priority. “The mayor’s budget will help address and reinforce these important issues that affect San Diego on a daily basis.”

Among the main infrastructure investments of the proposal are the compliance of the rainwater with stricter state laws on water quality and the repair of damaged or damaged rainwater pipes and pumps that prevent floods and water pollution.

The plan funds improvements to parks and leisure services, with an additional $ 4.3 million from last year’s budget dedicated to hiring and training workers and tackling high staff turnover and vacancies, converting hourly wages into paid employment.

“San Diego residents in every neighborhood should wait and get quality roads, parks and libraries,” said City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera. “Unfortunately, years of neglect and short-sighted decisions have left many communities without what they need.

“That era is over and the budget proposed by the mayor is proof of that. “I am excited to work with my colleagues in the city council to take advantage of the mayor’s proposal and draw up a budget that meets the immediate needs and prepares the city for long-term success.”

The budget will add $ 8 million to upgrade roads with upgraded traffic signs, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps, traffic management, tree and graffiti maintenance, and weed removal, and more than $ 77 million to build 6 million roads – 27 million dollars in relation to the current budget.

Implementing and enforcing short-term rental and sale of sidewalks amounts to just over $ 6 million in the budget, while $ 4.3 million is added to existing efforts to tackle homelessness in neighborhoods, a statement from the mayor’s office said.

“I look forward to enforcing the new regulations for short-term holiday rentals and the new sales decree. said City Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell, who represents Mission Beach in District 2, where the announcement was made. “The mayor’s budget will also work to address homelessness and create more housing for San Diego residents.”

The proposed budget envisages spending to continue dealing with the homeless, with an additional $ 13.6 million dedicated to increasing the capacity of shelters, services and a coordinated approach to the road. Total funding for homeless services is $ 63.3 million in this budget, with two-thirds of that amount coming from state and federal grant programs.

Public safety remains a significant part of the budget, with proposed investment in facilities, recruitment, overtime police and gang prevention. The city is currently negotiating contracts with public safety negotiators for police, firefighters and lifeguards, and the proposed budget envisions salary increases that will be included in the final budget.

“I want to thank Mayor Gloria for her commitment to her proposed budget for public safety and law enforcement,” said Police Chief David Nislait. “The San Diego Police Department is responding to calls that require more and more of our officers every day. “This year’s budget will allow us to hire and retain more officers and prioritize programs to keep our communities safe.”

Gloria will formally present her proposed budget to the City Council on Monday, followed by public hearings that will lead to a revised budget on May 17th. The final exam will take place in mid-June.

– City news service

Mayor Gloria’s $4.89 Billion Proposed Budget Looks to Boost Infrastructure Source link Mayor Gloria’s $4.89 Billion Proposed Budget Looks to Boost Infrastructure

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