Mayor: Fresno’s freeways free of homeless

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN)-Mayor of Fresno, Jerry Dyer, told Action News that he had wiped out camps for homeless people living along the highways in the area.

This was part of the city’s “Project Offramp” initiative.

More than 400 people own homes for the project, and the city’s efforts to help more people are only increasing, Dier said.

“All the homeless people on the various highways in Fresno, the tents that were set up, were removed. These people were moved to homes, generally motels and other transitional homes,” Dier said. Told.

But there is still a lot to do.

The city is switching gears-the city as a whole is taking “project offramps”.

People have been moved to refurbished motels and other spaces-much warmer than all the streets.

As winter approaches, it’s usually a busy time for small fires set to keep warm.

Jonathan Lopez of the Fresno Fire Department said, “Even if the temperature drops, the outside is so dry that there is a lot of dry vegetation just waiting for the sparks, so outdoor fires during this time are especially dangerous. “.

Last year, the city said homeless people had caused 618 fires outdoors or in vacant buildings.

This year, fire departments have increased their calls for fires of all kinds by 30% compared to last year. This is alarming as it is not during the winter months, which is usually the busiest time for city firefighters.

“I understand that people are staying warm and trying to eat something, but there are services like the Poberero House in the city and they can ask for help about them,” Lopez said. Told.

As the mayor points out, by saying “project offramp,” the city was able to increase the services offered to help homeless people get the help they needed.

“The more homeless people we provide housing and drive them out of the street, the less fire we will receive as a result,” Dier said.

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Mayor: Fresno’s freeways free of homeless Source link Mayor: Fresno’s freeways free of homeless

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