Mayor El Monte has been demoted from Rosemead School District for suspending nephew of board members, proceedings allege –

El Monte Mayor Jessica Ancona, a former junior high school director of the Rosemead school district, has filed at least 100 proceedings alleging that school district leaders have harassed, discriminated against and demoted for refusing to withdraw from the school board’s suspension. I am seeking damages of 10,000 dollars. Nephew of the member.

In a proceeding, Ancona alleged that in late January 2018, he received a phone call from the boy’s father (brother of board member John Quintanilla) and deputy director, pressured him to cancel his suspension. According to her case, she “refused because she felt that suspension was justified and students should not be treated specially.”

According to lawyer Janes Arias, Ancona consulted with the Los Angeles County Department of Education to “verify that the process and teaching methods are correct,” and followed the instructions in a complaint filed earlier this year.

“Retaliation and harassment began shortly after plaintiffs refused to cancel the suspension, lasting more than a year and a half,” Arias wrote.

Ancona declined to comment and postponed it to a lawyer. Arias did not return the call for comment.

Anonymous letter

The proceedings alleged that an anonymous letter sent to the district accused Ancona of ignoring her school, Mascater Middle, spending too much time off campus and having a relationship with a married man. Stated. The district put a warning letter in her personnel file and canceled the holiday scheduled for the meeting. Ancona claims that her efforts to report attacks and unjustified criticisms to the director only exacerbated the harassment.

Ancona was “accused of being” too good “and perceived as fake and overly dramatic,” the proceedings said.

The proceedings allege that Ancona heard through district employees and consultants on separate occasions that Kintanilla wanted to dismiss her for an incident with her nephew.

Quintanilla declined to comment and directed the proceedings questions to Rosemead’s director, Alejandro Ruvalcaba.Next, he said the district did not comment on the proceedings in dispute.

on vacation

According to the proceedings, Ancona began experiencing “serious anxiety and depression from constant harassment and retaliation” and took a vacation in January 2019. She claims that the district’s deputy director shared her “personal medical information” and vacation details with the director of the El Monte City School District in an attempt to “continue to harass her.”

Ancona served on the board of directors of the El Monte City School District for five years. Elected To the El Monte City Council in 2018.She ran successfully For the mayor In 2020.

Fang refused to share information about Ancona’s stress-related vacations in an email.

Ancona claims she dismissed her as principal during the holidays and demoted her to a teaching position with a 50% salary cut, even though she had never been “rebuked before being demoted.” ing. Her lawyer claims that the district enabled a hostile work environment as part of its retaliation and intentionally caused emotional distress. The proceedings have discriminated against her by using the resulting stress to end her position without providing reasonable accommodation, the proceedings said.

The proceedings require “more than $ 1 million” in damages such as loss of income, mental distress, and distress.

According to official salary records, Ancona left the district after being demoted in 2019 and was hired as a high school assistant principal in the Lynnwood Unified School District.

Mayor El Monte has been demoted from Rosemead School District for suspending nephew of board members, proceedings allege –

Source link Mayor El Monte has been demoted from Rosemead School District for suspending nephew of board members, proceedings allege –

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