Matt James Gets Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. And Bachelor Fans are PISSED!

Rachel Carconel begged.

Rachel Carconel pleaded.

Rachel Carconel asked the viewer really well Vote for boyfriend Matt James About Dancing with the Stars.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday night, James was one of the two contestants excluded from the ABC tournament, so the petition of the polarized suitor was deaf.

In the fourth week of Serry, Brian Austin Lean and James were sent home during yesterday’s double elimination … after a series of nights of performances celebrating Disney’s heroes and villains.

The actor and his partner / girlfriend Sharna Burgess came to the last place on the leaderboard after winning 52 out of a total of 80 in a dance honoring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pirates of the Caribbean. ..

Therefore, it was very easy to send this pair packing.

James, but?

Shana and Brian

He and Lindsay Arnold finished 12th with 57 out of 80 in a routine inspired by the Incredibles and The Jungle Book.

They were great, but not terrible.

James devoted himself to Pasodoble on Tuesday, scoring 31 points from the judges, an improvement of 5 points from the night before.

Alas, that wasn’t enough.

Matt and partner

After James received two votes to stick to Kenya Moore, it was up to Goodman to choose who would go home.

“It’s up to the judge to save one of the two couples below and get them into the tournament,” she said.

“If the first three judges are separated, Ren as our chief judge will vote.”

Sure enough, it was up to Goodman to make the final decision after Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba voted to stick to James and Derek Hough voted to stay in Moore.

“Kenya, you’re staying at the show,” said Goodman, who emotionally fell to the floor with Moore, arousing extreme anger from the bachelor’s state.

“It’s absolutely completely BOGUS !!!!!” shouted one social media user in Matt’s expulsion.

Another tweet:

“I don’t know how they were eliminated. Two judges voted to keep them. One voted to send them home. The other couple kept them. There was only one judge’s vote for this.

“Simply put, Matt James was robbed,” another supporter furious online.

Former bachelor told E! News He did say he was “surprised” by the exclusion, but he had a great time and had no regrets.

As can be seen above and below, James handled the end of his time at the show much better than many who saw him perform.

Matt James's wrath

Did you think James was messed up?

Is he worth another chance?

And can you believe that things are going so well between him and Kirk Connell? !! ??

Matt James Gets Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. And Bachelor Fans are PISSED! Source link Matt James Gets Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. And Bachelor Fans are PISSED!

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