Matsui holds early lead in Congressional D-7 primary election | News

U.S. Rep. Doris Matsui, a Democrat from Sacramento, was very successful on the first day of the Congressional District 7 primary election.

District 7 was redesigned last year and now includes Elk Grove and Galt to the south, part of Sacramento to the north, Isleton to the southwest, and Rancho Murieta to the east.

Early reports from the Sacramento County Electoral Bureau show that Matsui received the most votes with 66.6% of the vote in this election.

After Matsui on the first day of the District 7 primary election were Max Semenenko, a Republican from Citrus Heights, with 25.8% of the vote, and Jimmy Fremgen, a Sacramento center Democrat who garnered 7.5% of the vote.

The first two candidates in this election will go to the general elections this November.

U.S. Rep. Ami Bera, an Elk Grove Democrat who has been representing Elk Grove in Congress since 2013, is running in the redeveloped District 6 election that covers northern Sacramento County.

In a statement issued on June 7, Matsui commented on his early leadership in the primary election.

“I feel honored and honored to have the support of many of my current voters and thank the voters who supported me in the new areas of the newly drafted 7.th “Our country has work to do, and I will work day and night to make sure we continue to invest in our country so that future generations can inherit a world that we are proud to pass on.”

District 7 includes the Matsui Land Park neighborhood in Sacramento.

According to her congressional website, Matsui focuses on improving the economy and health, preventing armed violence, protecting women’s rights, bringing clean energy technology to Sacramento, helping veterans and seniors, improving education systems, and reversing effects of climate change.

Semenenko told Citizen that he is excited about his current second place in the election.

“I think right now I’m seeing the numbers I’m going to be on the November ballot,” he said. “I’m happy and I’m proud of myself for having the opportunity to run, and yes, I’m excited.”

With his conviction that he will run in the general election, Semenenko said he plans to gain even more support from local voters.

“Now I have to be there to give people confidence and see if I can win their heart, so that they can trust me and vote for me in November,” he said.

On his campaign website, Semenenko refers to four of his main problems as reviving the economy, defending the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, reforming the immigration system to make it fair and secure, and “loosening control of great pharmacists on our healthcare. ” system. ”

Fremgen, a former Matsui intern, told Citizen last March that he had decided to run for Congress after noticing that many “regular people” were left behind, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its main campaign issues include homelessness, helping people access health care, returning federal resources to “hurting local communities” and “removing the corrupt influence of corporate money from politics.”

7th 2022 Congressional District Election Results

Doris Matsui (D), 27,066 votes, 66.6%

Max Semenenko (R), 10,506 votes, 25.8%

Jimmy Fremegen (D), 3,057 votes, 7.5%

* Informed from June 8

Source: Sacramento County Electoral and Electoral Registry Office

Matsui holds early lead in Congressional D-7 primary election | News Source link Matsui holds early lead in Congressional D-7 primary election | News

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