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Anaheim — Returning to the Honda Center for the opening night of the 2021-22 season, the ducks roared, chanted, and greeted by a crowd dressed in orange and black. After a desolate season when fans were mostly banned, the 28-year-old arena on the corner of Katerra and Douglas became more intimate.

During the 4-1 victory at Winnipeg Jets on Wednesday, the roar of the crowd absent due to the COVID-19 pandemic washed away the ducks. It wasn’t a packed house, but the fans were loud.

Fans cheered on the ducks introduced before the match. Big applause was given to longtime captain Ryan Getzlav, goalkeeper Jon Gibson, third draft topic Mason MacTavish, and recent first round selections Jamie Drysdale and Trevasegrass. Director Dallas Ekins was also supported.

“I don’t think there’s a game without fans,” Ekins said in advance when asked about the potential of a full arena on Wednesday. “So it’s a good day.”

Then, during the opening minutes, the ducks were a no-show to their own party. Jets flocked them from the opening showdown, controlled the puck, and surrounded Gibson. It was as if the ducks made themselves gorgeous on one of the food trucks parked outside the arena.

Finally, after Jet won 7-0, the ducks gave a lot to cheer on the fans. Defenseman Kevin Schattenkirk threw a shot from the right side through traffic behind Connor Hellebuyk’s net, leading the duck’s first shot 1-0 at 6:11 in the opening period.

MacTavish then, at the age of 18 and 256 days, scored the youngest goal in duck history, enthusiastic about the audience, himself, and his teammates. A video review was needed to fix the referee’s quick whistle. There was no doubt that the pack was loose.

MacTavish is one of the four newcomers to the duck lineup and appeared in the game after Olegtberdowski, who was eight days younger when he made his NHL debut in 1994. MacTavish is a disease for which Max Jones is not related to COVID.

In the second period, MacTavish helped Adam Henrique’s power play goal, which regained a two-goal lead at 13:20, after Winnipeg’s Kyle Connor cut the duck’s lead to 2-1 at 3:48. .. MacTavish then felt Jets’ anger, and Dylan Demero knelt down along the board.

Duck power play was one of the less prominent aspects of their game when it ended with the worst success rate of 8.9% in NHL history during the 56-game season with a shortened pandemic. Therefore, Henrique’s Man Advantage goal retained its additional importance.

Likert Raquel signed a contract for the third period with a power play goal of 6:20, making it 4-1 and urging fans to urge the ducks to score a fifth goal, saying “I want chicken.” Past seasons. Drisedale and Getzraf assisted Raquel’s goal.

I’ll explain this story in more detail.

Mason McTavish, Ducks topple Winnipeg, welcome fans back in season opener – Press Telegram Source link Mason McTavish, Ducks topple Winnipeg, welcome fans back in season opener – Press Telegram

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