Masks now optional for travelers in many places, but not all – Times-Herald

Passengers may wear face masks at Bay Area airports on Tuesday, as well as at most major airlines.

But the order of the transport mask remained in force on Tuesday morning for the transport of buses and railways.

“We have not yet made an official or final decision,” said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost. “We also want to touch on other transportation agencies around the bay. We want to see about a mandate that is moving at the local, state or federal level. Things moved fast yesterday and the dust has not yet settled.

“We will notify you when we make the official decision,” Trost continued. “That could come later today.”

A Tampa, Florida, federal court judge overturned the federal requirement to wear masks for all public transportation – planes, trains, buses, boats, airports, stations, marinas and even taxis and Uber – the Centers for Disease Control. and Prevention was extended until May 3 last week to monitor rising cases.

Transportation Security Administration a news release He said Monday night, “It will be effective immediately. The TSA will not enforce its Safety and Emergency Corrections requirements that require the use of masks on public transportation and transportation.”

Airlines, airports and other major suppliers, including Uber, soon announced that they would no longer comply with the mask rule, although several indicated that the mask continues to be strongly promoted by health officials.

And although BART has not officially lifted the demand, Keith Garcia, the head of the BART police union, told the Bay Area News Group on Tuesday morning that they would not comply with Monday’s news order and hoped to announce it. officially later.

It was the last major airport in the San Francisco Bay Area that withdrew the request, and it announced the announcement Tuesday morning after it said it was awaiting TSA guidance. Mineta San Jose International and Oakland International said Monday night they would no longer comply with the rule.

But both Caltrain and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority also announced Tuesday morning that they had not yet completed the mask requirement.

“Our mask policy hasn’t changed,” Caltrain wrote. “Please wear a mask to reduce saliva particles in the air. Our team will review the latest developments in Florida. Updates are coming.”

Although the order for the mask has been suspended, the Biden administration was considering the next steps, including a possible appeal on Tuesday.

“The agency is reviewing the decision and is evaluating the next steps,” the administration said in a statement. time ”.

“Therefore, the TSA will not comply with its current Safety and Emergency Management Directive, which requires the use of masks on public transportation and transportation,” he said. .

Monday’s verdict was hailed by many travelers. There were reports on social media that passengers were removing their face covers after cheerful pilots announced the news.

But some health experts, including Dr. Bob Wachter, who heads the medical department at the University of California-San Francisco, travel frequently and post advice on Twitter to his nearly 300,000 followers, who weren’t thrilled.

“The road administration has to deal with this decision, even if it was ready to make the same call within a couple of weeks,” Wachter wrote. “It is terribly frightening to accept a precedent that states that a public health emergency (CDC) or other agency has no authority to comply with orders.”

Masks now optional for travelers in many places, but not all – Times-Herald Source link Masks now optional for travelers in many places, but not all – Times-Herald

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