Mask wearing amplifies harms of smoking

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Smoking traditional or non-traditional cigarettes while wearing a surgical mask results in a double increase in carbon monoxide and impaired blood vessel function compared to non-surgical cases. This is a research study published today in European newspaper for the prevention of heart disease, ESC newspaper.

“The study showed that smoke any tobacco product becomes more dangerous during COVID-19 infection due to the need to wear a mask for hours, “said study author Professor Ignatios Ikonomidis of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.” the past has shown this. Vascular dysfunction is associated with heart problems and premature death. “

The study focused on traditional (non-flammable) cigarettes and non-flammable cigarettes, also known as “non-flammable” or “hot” tobacco products. Non-combustible cigarettes carry cigarettes that are electrically heated to a lower temperature than cigarette butts, delivering nicotine-containing gas. The study did not include e-cigarettes (also called vaping), which electronically inject a liquid containing nicotine to create a vaporized air.

The researchers examined the levels of carbon monoxide emissions in smokers while wearing masks during working hours and compared it with carbon monoxide levels on weekends without a mask. In the second step, the researchers examined whether the change in carbon monoxide was associated with impaired nerve function.

The study included 40 non-smokers, 40 non-smokers with special non-smoking cigarettes, and 40 non-smokers of similar age and sexual orientation who were health workers at the hospital. university. People known for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, chronic kidney disease or atrial fibrillation are excluded because these conditions can affect vascular function.

The researchers measured carbon monoxide emissions after long breaths and symptoms vascular function (pulse rate, pulse index and central systolic hypertension). The baseline was calculated early in the morning after sleep without a mask to gain values ​​after a long period of time without smoking. Participants were randomly assigned to a second assessment after either eight hours wearing a mask or eight hours without a mask. They then proceeded to the third assessment after either eight hours without a mask or eight hours working with a mask.

The average age of participants was 45 years, and 72% were women. Such a large number of non-combustible or non-combustible cigarettes is smoked during face masks and face masks. In normal smokers, carbon monoxide emissions increased from 8.00 parts per million (ppm) at baseline to 12.15 ppm without a mask and 17.45 ppm with a mask. In non-combustible smokers, carbon monoxide emissions increased from 1.15 ppm at baseline to 1.43 ppm without a mask and 2.20 ppm with a mask. Among non-smokers, the carbon monoxide emissions did not differ between the original time, the mask time and the time mask.

In smokers and non-smokers, all vascular symptoms were greater when wearing a mask compared to no other mask. In non-smokers, there were no differences in vascular symptoms in the three cases.

Professor Ikonomidis said, “Compared to non-smokers, non-smokers have lower levels of natural carbon monoxide and a lower increase in nerve damage while wearing it. However, studies have shown that consuming any tobacco product while wearing a face mask can increase blood clotting performance compared to non-face coverings, at least due to the increased volume of carbon monoxide. and / or nicotine-rich steam. The result is more stimulation for all smokers to quit smoking. ”

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The effect of smoking on carbon monoxide emissions and arterial elasticity when using a long-lasting face mask during the COVID-19 era, European newspaper for the prevention of heart disease (2022). DOI: 10.1093 / eurjpc / zwac101

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Mask wearing amplifies harms of smoking Source link Mask wearing amplifies harms of smoking

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