Mask mandates caused catastrophic learning loss –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Monday on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, San Diego Unified School District President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne made a shocking comment about students worrying about their new mask mandate.

We know for a fact that young, healthy children have virtually zero risk for the coronavirus. But more than two years since the pandemic began, and teacher unions still seem to have power over those who lead our school district.

Both Richard Barrera and Whitehurst-Payne used California’s arbitrary color-coded tier system as justification for re-implementing an indoor mask mandate. But they conveniently left out the many studies that found the negative effects of mask mandates to be far more troubling. The learning loss for young students in their social maturity and speaking skills can be directly attributed to the mask commands.

However, SDUSD Board President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne stands behind the mask mandate, regardless of the negative consequences. On Monday, he told KUSI’s Logan Byrnes that students who are uncomfortable with the mask mandate should not simply return to class. That comment made her the target of criticism from around the world, with the interview garnering over 600,000 views on Twitter alone.

Former La Mesa-Spring Valley District Teacher of the Year Manuel Aceves was one of thousands to voice their concerns in the comments. Aceves wrote, “this is truly horrible!!! As a teacher of 31 years, the loss of learning has been devastating for many of my students. The cloth masks gave a false sense of security and allowed some of my 6th graders to hide A second tweet read, “it wasn’t uncommon for students to still wear the masks because they didn’t like the way their noses looked or to hide their acne.”

Aceves just retired from the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District after 31 years of teaching, but his love for students didn’t retire with him. Aceves was named District Teacher of the Year in 2019 and his wife, Andee, was the California Teacher of the Year in 2008.

Aceves joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego to further explain his shock and outrage over San Diego Unified’s mask mandate and share what negative consequences those mandates have had in the classroom.

Ives said one of the most important unintended consequences of the mask mandates was the building of a two-tiered education system, in-person and distance education. He explained, “after a year and a half of distance learning, they are not equal.”

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Mask mandates caused catastrophic learning loss – Source link Mask mandates caused catastrophic learning loss –

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