Mars ‘Dreamscape’ Wows in Knockout 4K NASA Orbiter Video

You can visit Mars without the hassle of space travel, lack of a breathable atmosphere, and bleak dust storms. Just get in This beautiful 4K video for a deep dive tour a network of Ridges in Tempe Terraa highland region known for its craters.

The video published on Thursday comes from the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRise camera crew at the University of Arizona. The visual wizards there constantly provide breathtaking views of Mars from the visiting spacecraft.

The high definition video is set to a soundtrack of a song titled Dreamscape by a musician working under the moniker Density & Time. It is a slow pan across a series of wild looking formations captured by MRO in late 2020.

“The ridges are very regular in height and width. These ridges also appear to be associated with a specific layer,” the HiRise team wrote. “The layer above the ridges is darker in tone, and many of the ridges connect to others, some at near right angles.”

The ridges are special, but stay tuned towards the end of the video when a shadowy crater appears in the corner that looks like it could swallow your soul.

We live in a time of abundance of images of Mars. Out of Rover Views to scenes discovered by spacecraft, this is truly a golden age to revel in the stark beauty of the red planet.

The black-and-white landscape view of Mars' surface shows wrinkled-looking ridges.

Red planets have ridges.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

Mars ‘Dreamscape’ Wows in Knockout 4K NASA Orbiter Video Source link Mars ‘Dreamscape’ Wows in Knockout 4K NASA Orbiter Video

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