Many drugs can’t withstand stomach acid. A new delivery method could lead to more convenient medications

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The pZC is designed to be enclosed near its medicinal properties in acidic conditions, such as in the stomach, and dispersed in acidic environments, such as in the small intestine. Credit: Khatcher Margossian, CC BY

For patients and doctors, taking oral medications is often the best way to prescribe medication. Among others benefitsswallowing pills is safer, more effective and less potent compared to injections or other forms of medication.

But one of the challenges faced by oral therapists is to melt the stomach before they deliver the goods to pay for and carry out the work they intend to do. Because the drugs that are damaged in it are less effectivemost treatments currently cannot be taken orally.

According to researchers at polymer science same to you biochemical engineerswe wanted to find a way to deliver the drugs so that they could be tolerated stomach acid but still melt in the right place. In us recently published paperwe believe we move on cutting edge which can help drugs do so.

Oral medicine challenge

Oral medicines are first and foremost dipped into the small intestine, where they later enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body. Because yes remedy to reach the small intestine, however, it must first pass acidic conditions internal, which can damage medications before drinking.

To compensate for the damage in the stomach, oral medications usually come in doses that are above the obligation. This strategy works for everyone small molecules which has a small mass. They are usually stable and can penetrate the cells more easily compared to other types of drugs. However, increasing the amount is not a good way to treat those who develop it easily toxic measuresthey are very sensitive to internal acidity or they are very expensive.

This is how bacteria look when they are dissolved in water.

It is acid resistant

To help drugs cope with severe internal stress, our research team has developed a new type of product called polyzwitterionic complex, or pZCs. pZCs consist of two types of polymersor large molecules made of recycled fiberglass. As the name suggests, pZCs are made from polyzwitterionswhich both positive and negative charge, and polyelectrolytesthose that are good or bad.

Through the so-called process complex joints which combines charged particles on the contrary, these two polymers combine together to form pZC droplets that are sensitive to acidity. In principle, these droplets can hide and protect healing properties while traveling in high acidic conditions. abdomenbut dispersed the release of the drug upon arrival more neutral environment and small intestine.

We first tested whether pZC dots were able to collect protein as a test material. Once we have successfully placed the material in the droplet, we measure how much protein is released in different acidity levels by. spectrophotometry, a method that uses light to measure the amount of material in a product. We found that pZC droplets retain their protein content in an acidic state and release it slowly as the acidity decreases.

Making the most appropriate medications

We believe that our pZC system can allow researchers to develop new ways to improve the delivery of drugs through the gastrointestinal tract. Our future work will focus on a better understanding of how pZCs reflect their behavior Chemical Properties change in different conditions. We are also experimenting with different types of polymers and chemical materials.

Our hope is our ways and thought process one day it will increase the amount and type of medication that can be taken orally, which will make it more convenient to take your medications and improve the quality of life of the patients.

The new polymer system may help to transform future medicines


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Many drugs can’t withstand stomach acid. A new delivery method could lead to more convenient medications Source link Many drugs can’t withstand stomach acid. A new delivery method could lead to more convenient medications

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