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Paramount >> The chief of the state’s top school COVID-19 told Californians during a visit to Los Angeles County on Wednesday, August 4, because the number of cases of coronavirus continued to increase as the school reopened. I pushed again to get a shot. The best thing people can do to protect themselves and others is to get the vaccine right away.

There was preliminary discussion at the legislative level about mandating vaccinations in schools from kindergarten to high school, but he said there was no guarantee that such a proposal would be legal or when. Told. No bill has been submitted and the legislative assembly is expected to end in mid-September.

“We’re beyond the point of conversation about our mission. We need to talk to people about vaccination and make sure they know the importance of vaccination,” said state public education supervisor Tony. Thurmond says. “By the time we heard the bill, the school would have been well … I can’t wait to talk about the bill. We need to encourage everyone who can get the vaccine to get the vaccine now.”

Salmond, who spoke to reporters during a visit to a mobile vaccine clinic hosted by the LA County Public Health Service outside the Paramount Library, has also recently been told by the Los Angeles Unified School District to all staff and students regardless of vaccination status. , Weekly COVID-19 test..

“The decision to require all LAUSD students and staff to test and COVID test is a bold decision … I think it’s a wise decision. It’s a safe decision. Get a COVID even if you have a vaccine. We know we can do it, “says Thurmond.

But he said all districts need to be tested weekly. The decision is now left to the individual school system.

Asked about the frequency of tests, Thurmond said students and staff would leave it to health professionals to determine the exact frequency to be tested. However, he showed general support for regular testing.

“I use common sense logic. Even vaccinated people can get COVID for the following reasons: [delta] Variants, followed by routine inspections … can literally save lives, “he said, saying the state has secured 5 million rapid COVID-19 inspections for free use by schools.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Even fully vaccinated people Anyone who catches a highly contagious delta mutant can infect the virus. To make matters worse, health professionals quickly find that fully vaccinated people are much less likely to become seriously ill or die if infected.

Therefore, health authorities continue to encourage all qualified individuals to take shots.

LA County Public Health Authorities report: 99.8% of deaths from COVID-19 In the counties earlier this year, some people were not vaccinated. From April to June, when the vaccine became more widely available, the mortality rate was 96%.

The recent increase in coronavirus cases, primarily due to delta mutants, has led to more people being vaccinated in the past few weeks after lower vaccination rates.

Indeed, concerns about the Delta variant were a factor in why Pedro Xuncax was vaccinated on Wednesday.

A 17-year-old father, who graduates from high school at Hamilton High School this month, has previously postponed vaccination because he was worried about potential side effects on his young and developing body.

Mandate or not, folks, just get the coronavirus vaccine – Press Telegram Source link Mandate or not, folks, just get the coronavirus vaccine – Press Telegram

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