Man found £20,000 in safe he bought for £80 on eBay

A MAN who grabbed an old safe on eBay for just £ 80 was left with his mouth open when he praised it openly and found £ 20,000 inside.

Seller James Labrecque did not have the combination for the lockable box and decided to fly it online.


The buyer found £ 20k ​​in a safe he bought from eBay for £ 80Credit: WMC-TV
He told about his windfall in a review on the site


He told about his windfall in a review on the siteCredit: WMC-TV

But his decision came back when the chuffed buyer revealed her discovery in a review.

Gobsmaked Labrecque, from California, asked the customer to return a piece of the wine trap – but they refused.

In a heated email exchange, the suicidal buyer mentioned his seller policy that said, “What you see is what you get, no return, and no money back”.

Labrecque then told WMC-TV: “I made a mistake, you know, that’s where it comes down to.

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“And it cost me dearly.

“I shook it and I felt nothing in it, so I thought, well, maybe it’s just a locked safe, you know. So I put it on eBay.”

The buyer, from Bartlett, Tennessee, took the dusty safe to a welder who managed to split it open.

To their shock, £ 20,000 in cash stood in their face.

The customer went to eBay to share a positive review – and news of his 2012 find.

Labrecque added: “I told my friend, I won the dumbest idiot in the world the other day, you know.

“I gave a safe with $ 26,000 in it.

“That’s a piece of change, you know. It’s money that changes lives.

“I mean, if I was in that situation and I found such money and I bought it from someone, I would say, ‘Here man, I found this money. I’ll give you half.’

But the jammy buyer shared opinion online, with some saying he had shared the money.


One wrote: “I think I might have to give the man back 5k. I do not know, maybe I’m too generous.”

Another said, “Poor guy. Ouch.”

Others, however, supported the buyer and accused the seller of not checking.

IN Box Scene user commented: “What an idiot. The majority of the people who sell these mystery locked boxes probably already know they’re full of worthless junk.

“He’s an even bigger moron for expecting the buyer to voluntarily return 13k.”

A second said, “I feel bad for him, but he should have checked first. If I were, I would be a little depressed.”

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But after flooding of online comments, Labrecque later claimed that the buyer did not find any money in the safe – and instead “played a practical joke”.

In a comment on his eBay page, he wrote: “He played a practical joke, the safe was empty, there was no money in it.”

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Man found £20,000 in safe he bought for £80 on eBay Source link Man found £20,000 in safe he bought for £80 on eBay

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