Man Behaving Erratically Dies After Violent Confrontation With Antioch Police Officers – CBS San Francisco

Antioch (CBS SF) — A man who behaved irregularly during ride-sharing died after a fierce conflict with Antioch police officers overnight, officials said Wednesday.

Antioch police chief Tamanny Brooks received a 911 call from an inconsistent and rambling man shortly after midnight Wednesday, and another man heard the sound of a physical struggle with the caller over possession of the phone. He said he was discussing with. Press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

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Around the same time, police dispatchers received alerts from Lyft drivers, activated mobile alerts, and sought help after passengers tried to escape from the car with the driver’s cell phone.

After the driver made a second call, police officers responded to the Lone Tree Way and Ridgerock Drive areas and found a suspect who appeared to be suffering from a mental health crisis.

“When the police arrived, the man looked delusional, was in a fully marked APD police car, and shouted that he wasn’t really a police officer, even though he was in full uniform.” Brooks said. “Police officers tried to adopt crisis negotiation tactics while trying to make the situation worse.”

Instead, the man tried to force him into the car by escaping into an oncoming car on the Lawn Treeway, hitting a window and asking the driver to open the door, Brooks said. He was also mostly attacked by several vehicles, according to Brooks.

Officers chased him to James Don Lombard. The struggle continued as two police officers detained him and tried to drive him off the road.

“According to police, the guys showed extraordinary strength and they couldn’t control his arms,” ​​Brooks said. “A third officer arrived at the scene and deployed a taser gun to overcome the resistance of the man. Almost immediately, he lost consciousness after being able to handcuff the subject. Appeared, police officers recognized this as a first aid measure. “

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Officers initiated CPR, applied a defibrillator, and administered two doses of Nalcan, which was used to counteract the effects of opioid overdose. Brooks said he did not kneel or use a carotid artery hold to put pressure on the man’s neck, nor did police officers use pepper spray or impact weapons.

After medical personnel arrived to continue emergency care, the man was taken to the hospital and later sentenced to death. He was described as Hispanic and 33 years old, but his identity was hidden until his close relatives were notified.

Mr Brooks said the officers involved were put on paid leave, as is customary in such cases.

“To ensure the transparency, prejudice, and public confidence of the investigation process, the Contra Costa County District Law Firm is leading the investigation and they have the full cooperation of my staff.” Brooks said. “If a district attorney’s investigation determines that our officers have acted illegally, I demand and expect the officers involved to be held liable to the fullest extent of the law. Please let me know. “

Separately, Brooks said the case would be investigated by an independent third party and would be available for public review after the investigation was completed.

“We want the residents of Antioch to know that the results of a thorough investigation by the local prosecutor’s office will provide an answer. In addition, we will be accountable if the investigation reveals that there was negligence. We will do our utmost to do this, “said Mayor Antioch Lamarthorpe. “As a former member of the U.S. Navy, I have always had a deep respect for the vocation of law enforcement agencies, and I believe that police officers got into the profession with the desire to serve, but nationwide. The fact that there are significant reforms needed throughout the profession cannot be ignored. “

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According to Brooks, the department does not currently employ police body cameras, and the use of body cams is one of the platforms proposed by Mayor Thorpe as part of a police reform plan.

Man Behaving Erratically Dies After Violent Confrontation With Antioch Police Officers – CBS San Francisco Source link Man Behaving Erratically Dies After Violent Confrontation With Antioch Police Officers – CBS San Francisco

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