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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Daily Crunch on November 9, 2021. There is a lot of good news and some bad news today. Good thing? We’re seeing another startup undertaking an existing web search provider and seeing more money in more places raising greater means of investment. bad person? Well, it depends on whether you are a Robin Hood user. — — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Robin Hood data breaches steal from users and give to hackers: Hacking social engineering has made Robinhood’s internal tools accessible to outside parties. According to a TechCrunch report, “We’ve got over 5 million customer email addresses and 2 million customer names, and we’ve got a much smaller set of more specific customer data.” For a recent company Produced slightly sluggish profits, It doesn’t look good.
  • wants to take on Google: The list of startups doing Google searches is starting to get a little longer. Brave I’m there.that’s right Niva.. DuckDuckGo Have in the meantime Working on the problem. And now, has $ 20 million to support its search service. It has a somewhat radical interface to the display that I found today while testing it.
  • Twitter gets the blues: But I’m pretty happy with that. Why? Blue, Twitter’s subscriber service, is currently being used in more markets. This led to a wave of people signing up and playing with the service, at least on my timeline. So far, people seem to like it. It’s cheap and easy at this stage, considering how much time we spend on Twitter.

Startup / VC

  • Healthtech startup Color robs $ 100 million: After raising $ 167 million earlier this year, Color is back in funding in an additional nine-digit round. “Software and infrastructure provide tools for preventive health and infectious disease management by making healthcare programs more accessible,” TechCrunch reports. Given that the company is currently valued like a public company, it would be interesting to see how quickly Color submits the S-1.
  • Good news for Chicago: Sure, startup funding totals are booming in the Midwest, but not all of that capital comes from local sources. More can happen in the future as the city’s Origin Ventures secure the largest funding ever.
  • TechCrunch’s Brian Heater has some really nice notes about startups making small robots. here.. What I grew up so that you can read it, When As you can sign up His future Robotics newsletter called actuators.
  • $ 15 Million to Track Cryptocurrency Shenanigan: According to TechCrunch, crypto risk monitoring has become an increasingly large business, with Solidus Labs raising eight numbers for work in the market. Given how much money is being sloshed around the crypto market these days, we can detect manipulations and other types of market distortions that people may care about.
  • Medium by projector: In the current permutation, Medium is a publishing platform focused on outside contributors. In my opinion. It’s been a few cycles since I last hyped about the company. Anyway, the previous publisher — plastisher? — I bought a startup called Projector, and TechCrunch talks about it.
  • Emergence invests in talent hacks: Talent Hack raises $ 17 million rounds for services that focus on fitness creators and provide target niches with “payment processing, website design and publishing, scheduling software, email automation, CRM” bottom. Given how big the creator economy is today, it’s not surprising to see targeted services emerge.
  • Air Force Bases will be free and challenge your rivals: Great Corporate Spend Wars has begun a new free vs. paid debate this morning by announcing the zero-cost hierarchy of services previously paid by Airbase, returning almost all of Interchange’s revenue to its users. .. Fuck. Expect rival movements from Ramp and Brex in short order.
  • Truveta will raise $ 100 million for a health data platform. Truveta is working with 12 healthcare providers in the north to be much more abundant than before and ready to get early adopters to use data services. The company’s technology can provide daily snapshots of American health, including how different vaccines work in the market.
  • If the safe one is safe, it is very Safe Course? You see, we’re just trying to figure out the name of this startup. Anyway, the company raised $ 450 million at a valuation of $ 4.5 billion. High-value private companies use AI and ML to verify their online identities. This already happened through Series E, which stands for Enough. I will publish it.
  • And to conclude us, TechCrunch There is a note about Sweetgreen’s early IPO price range..

15-sector piVentures expects deep tech to be disrupted over the next five years

Deep technology has the potential to change the capabilities of our world, but many applications still take years to reach the market.

Looking to the future, Anna Heim Analyzed pi Ventures Deep Tech Shifts 2026 ReportInvestigate 15 deep tech subsectors that are expected to reach inflection points over the next five years.

“If you invest in innovation too early, you won’t get the best returns,” said founding partner Manish Shinharu. “If you invest too late, you may not get the best returns because you are not at the cutting edge.

“Good things happen when investment and innovation reach a point of resonance.”

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

  • People are surprised that very wealthy people own some ciphers: The fact that the person in question is Tim Cook makes the news a little better, but it’s still not surprising. Apple CEO didn’t make any news about his company other than showing that there seemed to be no short-term cryptocurrency hopes or dreams. Still, can you be surprised that someone with a wealth about the size of the moon or more owns some crypto assets? No.
  • Everyone wants to participate in the game. Tik Tok has game news today Netflix.. Basically, games are a huge business, and platform media companies probably need to develop a game strategy in time.
  • Microsoft has adopted a Chromebook. Microsoft wants to use a new, cheap laptop that runs the Windows 11 variant to counter Google’s classroom success against the backdrop of Chromebook efforts.
  • Airbnb enhances host security and consumer confidence: You see, Jordan Crook’s latest article on Airbnb has a lot of news, but most importantly, home rental companies are bringing excellent WiFi speed reports to the platform. be happy!
  • Lyft to bring unmanned taxi to Las Vegas in 2023: The steady beat of real commercial news from self-driving cars continues today, but news from Lyft is far away due to market constraints. Still, every bit of news that self-driving cars are coming makes me sing.

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Malicious hackers gain access to 7 million Robinhood customer names, emails – TechCrunch Source link Malicious hackers gain access to 7 million Robinhood customer names, emails – TechCrunch

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