Make-A-Wish helps make four-year-old Regan’s dream come true

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – An organization that strives to make dreams come true has given a Kern County family a wish.

Make-A-Wish is helping a local girl with a rare illness enjoy something she can’t normally enjoy.

Reagan was born at 24 weeks old and after many hospital stays and procedures, he is now four years old and has fulfilled his wish: a playground right in his backyard.

“He loves kunbu, he loves slides, he likes to play, and he likes to jump,” Reagan’s mother said.

Reagan likes to play outside, but health problems have kept him from doing some of his favorite things.

“Being around other kids is hard for him, a little cold can be life-threatening for him and they’ve been to the park and he’s been sick.”

Reagan’s mother, Michelle Webbe, said Reagan has a lung disease called bronchial dysplasia, a disorder in which the baby’s lungs are born prematurely due to abnormal breathing. He said Reagan has undergone several procedures to clean his lungs.

“When he got home he had to be in the wind and oxygen, he was 18 months old, he couldn’t walk, he could barely sit and now he’s four and he’s walking and he’s out of the air.”

Webbe said Reagan has overcome many obstacles and wants to enjoy life.

So when the Make-A-Wish volunteers met Reagan and his family, they wanted to make his wish come true.

“The desire he presented to Make-A-Wish was to have a play structure in the yard,” Jeff Mojo said.

Make-A-Wish Wish Wish, Jeff Mojo said he and other volunteers have made life-changing desires for children like Reagan with serious illnesses. On Monday evening, they ended up building a playground just for him.

“Reagan, of course, saw us working on the structure of the play, he was very excited. So it was so much fun to see him, he was so happy. ”

Webb said the playset is perfect for Reagan.

“Make-A-Wish is such a wonderful organization because they travel and do other things, but for us this is like a perfect wish, a perfect gift for them, and we don’t have to worry about getting it. Sick. We don’t have to worry about other kids. being around some ”.

Make-A-Wish helps make four-year-old Regan’s dream come true Source link Make-A-Wish helps make four-year-old Regan’s dream come true

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