Maharashtra: COVID-19 inoculation drive temporarily halted in Pune, Panvel and Satara due to shortage of doses

With the highest daily surge in history, the state reported 59,907 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases to 31,73,261.

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The· Coronavirus Vaccination drives have been temporarily suspended in several parts of Maharashtra, including Pune, Panvel and Satara, due to a “shortage” of vaccine supply.

Development comes when the nation is moving under a second wave of pandemics.With the highest daily surge ever, the state reported 59,907 new COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Wednesday’s case, the total case load will be 31,73,261.

At the beginning of Wednesday, the Maharashtra state government said Vaccine shortageWe urged the center to send additional inventory, especially in the heart of the city.

An official notice issued by Panvel Municipal Corporation stated, “The vaccination drive has been temporarily suspended at all Panvel government and private vaccination centers due to the availability of the # COVID19 vaccine. Will be resumed. “

Pune has also closed more than 100 vaccination centers due to a lack of vaccines, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP Supriya Sule tweeted last night.

She also claimed that some people had to go home without being vaccinated.

“The Pune district has vaccinated 55,539 people at 391 vaccination centers today. Thousands have returned unvaccinated because the vaccines are out of stock,” Sule tweeted.

“109 centers remained closed today due to lack of vaccines. Out of stock can lead to loss of momentum. We save lives, break the chain of infections and save the economy. We are determined to vaccinate everyone who agrees to recover. We have set foot at the earliest. We asked the prestigious Dr. Hirsch Baldan Ji to help with the COVID 19 vaccine. ” Stated.

State Health Minister Rajesh Taupe He also said that stocks that are rapidly depleting need to be flagged and people need to be sent back due to shortages.

Mr Tope said the state government has also called on the center to give priority to people in the 20-40 age group.

“Vaccination centers do not have enough vaccinations and do not have enough doses to send people back. People in the 20-40 age group need to be vaccinated preferentially I requested that from the center. ” ANI He quoted that Tope was saying.

The state now has a vaccine dose of 140,000 rupees consumed over three days, the health minister said.

However, Federal Health Minister Harsh Vardhan launched a devastating attack on the Maharashtra state government over allegations of vaccine shortages, calling it “a sad attempt to distract attention from failure and spread panic to people.”

He added that Maharashtra’s “lazy attitude” hampered national efforts to combat the virus.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra continues to report the most daily cases in the country.State reported 59,907 new COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Cases and 322 deaths in the last 24 hours.

1,15,736 new COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) In the case of the last 24 hours, India recorded its highest daily spike on Wednesday. The total number of cases in Japan has reached 1,28,01,785.

According to the Ministry of Health, the cumulative number of casualties reached 1,66,177 and the actual number of cases was 8,43,473 after 630 COVID-related deaths were reported in one day.

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Maharashtra: COVID-19 inoculation drive temporarily halted in Pune, Panvel and Satara due to shortage of doses Source link Maharashtra: COVID-19 inoculation drive temporarily halted in Pune, Panvel and Satara due to shortage of doses

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