Mackenzie McKee: I’m Getting Divorced! And I Mean It This Time!

It’s all over for Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh.

Yes, again.

And this time maybe even for real.

On Tuesday, after about a week of speculation about the status of their relationship, the Teen Mom OG star confirmed that she is leaving her marriage.

“With all the messages I’ve received and articles published, I wanted you to hear what’s going on from me alone,” the mother of three wrote on Instagram.

“Sometimes things work out and sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, it just doesn’t work out.

“I’ll break the silence about Josh and being ready… It’s time for me to find my happiness.”

The divorced spouses are parents to Gannon, 10, Jaxie, 8, and Broncs, 5.

Viewers first met the couple on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant show in 2011.

They most recently appeared on Teen Mom OG, where the couple battled endless rumors of cheating and infidelity.

Not just rumours, either.

Mackenzie has often referred to that fact Josh was sleeping behind her back at least once in the past he has even boasted that he cheated on himself.

Mackenzie McKee: A selfie with the kids!Mackenzie McKee: A selfie with the kids!

“He cheated once and I cheated 3 times [why] Are we just pointing the finger at him lol. Just saying,” McKee said about a year ago.

“I’m glad he did what [he] i did and i did what i did.

– We were young and we are much stronger now.

Back in April 2021, Mackenzie also highlighted her betrayal for some reason.

Mackenzie McKee as OGMackenzie McKee as OG

In a new statement to Celeb Buzz, the 27-year-old reiterated her goal not to speak ill of her ex.

“The old me would have published a story about how horrible Josh is, what he did and why this marriage is ending,” he told this site.

“The new me understands that we are both walking away from this with deep scars and our children love us both despite the pain we have caused each other.

“We’re human, we’re all human on this earth just trying to get by.”

Mackenzie McKee and husband JoshMackenzie McKee and husband Josh

However, McKee hinted in this interview that something prompted her latest plans to file for divorce.

“Am I the perfect wife?” he said.

“No. But I also don’t pretend that Josh is a good husband…

“We women don’t leave until we’re ready. Until we can wake up, notice the coffee doesn’t smell right and something’s off. It was my marriage.”

Josh McKee Talks About Cheating Allegations: Mackenzie Is Fucked Too, Y'all!Josh McKee Talks About Cheating Allegations: Mackenzie Is Fucked Too, Y'all!

For the future, Mackenzie said she wishes “nothing but peace and happiness” for her soon-to-be ex-husband.

He also hopes to keep his personal family life a little more private and made this statement to the popular channel, which likely paid for exclusive rights.

“Do I even want to talk about this down time of my life?” she told Celebuzz.

“No. But people have been following us for over a decade now and before other tabloids got it twisted. I simply wanted to share our update and ask that people understand that we are two people who don’t work out and people just like the rest of the world.

“There is no need to investigate the cause.”

Mackenzie McKee as a teenage motherMackenzie McKee as a teenage mother

Josh has yet to respond to Mackenzie’s decree, which ended with:

“Did I regret this decision? Not at all.

“It’s hard to leave and become a single mother. But it’s harder to stay and live the only days God gave me when someone I love told me I’m nothing in this life…

“I love Joshua as the father of my children and will respect him as such from now on.”

Mackenzie McKee: I’m Getting Divorced! And I Mean It This Time! Source link Mackenzie McKee: I’m Getting Divorced! And I Mean It This Time!

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